if there is justice…

the blood
you have spilled
shall form the walls
around heaven
barring your entrance
and paving the way
to hell’s brides
behind each
of the seven veils
you shall find
the rotten corpses
of the women
you have slaughtered
like a hungry dog
you will  lick the heels
of hate
curl up beside
the most damned of life
your prize shall be
to trade places
with those you’ve killed
and the pain
of their death
shall be yours
the gods

18 thoughts on “if there is justice…

  1. I just read about this online… well, all I can say is: this is who we are, these are people in all of their splendor. Stonings, crusades, holocausts, concentration camps, communism and other such delightful inventions of the human mind. I suggest we all turn to dogs for company. I for my part have done that long time ago.

  2. This is awesome and a bit weird… as I was walking back to my room, I was thinking of penning down something and the image of women being stoned was one of the many thoughts that crept in… beautiful expression

  3. the impact of this nearly buckled my knees with its truth and its power-all that remains is for it to be sung from all the mountain tops of the world so that the world its accuracy-just sayin –

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