Google Image: Romance Book Cover Art & Illustration

curled so tightly
around her passion
the flow of reason
could not reach
her mind
the warm soft skin
of his lies
was so inviting
after so many
empty nights
with just her
paperback lovers
so now
flesh to flesh
she was easily seduced
into believing
that his words
were from his heart
but before long
his night songs
were gone
and she
was rereading
chapter one

22 thoughts on “dolus…

  1. This reminds me of a night back in ’97 when I was in Bucharest, spending the night at an aunt’s place. We were leaving for the US early next morning and needed to spend the night in Buharest in order to catch the plane. Anyway, it was hot as hell, I was satying in a beautiful, romantic attic room in an old house in an old, elegant neighborhood, outside crickets were chirping, trees were rustling in moonlight, and I, what else is new, had insomnia. Well, I looked around for some good book to read – if you’re awake, at least make the best of it. Unfortunately the only thing I found was a complete collection of Sandra Brown’s… ehm… novels. So I started reading those. Until 6 in the morning when I hit the shower I had read no less than 10. :-))) And you know what? They’re not as bad as I thought. For a die hard romantic such as myself, they’re actually quite enjoyable. I read another 2 or 3 later on in my life. Maybe I would read some more, but there aren’t any around :-)))) Sorry for the rambling – the picture just reminded me instantly of that night.

  2. I see the deceiver and the deceived. Neither are wise. Your poem is very insightful and true of all too many careless relationships. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow, excellent writing here! ~ when hurt, going back to that chapter 1, maybe the wish it could be read like that again…or figure out the missing sentences/emotion where it went wrong…. enjoyed reading this very much.
    Ahhh but soooo much love happy endings, lol, however reality offers up a different story than our romance novels.
    I think why I’m enjoying reading a current story (historical but still bent into the realities of life, infidelities, seductions, and the pain it can cause) (Tolstoy)

    ~Incredible poetry here dear sir! Loved this!

  4. Enjoyed your ‘fantasy-is-better-than-the-reality’ poem immensely. Perhaps, a warning to all those contemplating straying – read a good book instead! 😀 –

  5. Wow!! Her relationship with books was better than with the man…
    Poor lass! Reality seemed to escape her…

    A fascinating read…and an awesome take on the picture, Charles!!

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