in dark conscious…

Challenge Photo IV from Jade

yesterday’s tears
are now morning’s fog
distorting my perceptions
confusing the mental
landmarks of my sanity
i deceive myself
a trance so tranquil
that i am blind
to my own blindness
my thoughts move slowly
suspended in the fog
a blurred rationality
but a desire to feel whole
not some fragment of myself
i am a child
crying out for comfort
but there is none
to be found
and while you embrace
another warm thought
of how you shall
revive my sanity
i listen carefully
to your words
moving without sound
through the air
i agree
to whatever you have said
knowing only that i
am lost in the darkness


This poem represents my fourth response to  the second challenge series between Jade and I.  As you may recall, each poet provides the other with a series of photos, visual prompts,  from which the poet is to write a poem.  Jade has written her response which can be found here

28 thoughts on “in dark conscious…

  1. This one is my absolute favorite so far! Maybe it is also because this is my favorite of all photos I took back then… I called it Metaphor. It was my last day in Germany, I was about to head to Frankfurt airport and depart for Romania again… I don’t think that anyone could have captured my emotions better than you Charles.. I BOW to your talent, and above all, insight.

  2. “yesterday’s tears are now morning’s fog” …reminds me of a situation I faced not to long ago that left my reality distorted for a period of time.

    I enjoyed reading it…well done.

    • It had the same impact on me, David. Charles, this is brillian. I love the imagery of fog. You can really see and feel it mulling in your brain. Thanks once again for a thought provoking piece.

  3. One of the greatest pleasure I find is accidentally having the arts combine at the same time, like reading a poem while listening to a random song on the radio. That happened to me recently, and again just now. Listening to Rita Coolidges’s version of “Superstar” has a powerful effect combined with your words and the photo.

  4. the progression from tears to morning after fog somehow feels more like regression, or if not, nevertheless like having been catapulted headfirst into darkness – I know the hopelessness of that, no amount of shaking the head will clear it; one just has to wait

    I don’t know why but the pink in the picture doesn’t give me a sense of hope, but rather, an ominous looming – what you wrote is how I feel it

    loved …blind / to my own blindness

  5. This reminds me of a visit I once had with a therapist when I was a lot younger…I nodded to everything they said but was not listening…did not think they would ever understand! lol…how wrong I was! Great poem which evokes memories xx

  6. I like the small ” i ” rather than ” I ” in the last line. to me it sings of that feeling of being so lost, so alone, wanting to closest thing to the earth you can find without giving in to death…
    a place of safety, rebirth…
    lovely lovely piece.

  7. A breath taking poem to visualize and read. thus, the comparison between the fog and the tears, stretches the imagination. Indeed, You are bending the curve with your exceptional poetry writing. This poem is a gift that sings with resonance. I like your passion and enthusiasm, with paper and pen. Well done

  8. This Really deals with the psyche
    several of yours have
    delving into the fears and the past

    well done my friend

    Love from the Moon

  9. Beautifully expressed, Charles..
    And for some reason, this poem totally reminded me of Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’, from their album The Wall…
    I am their fan, and yours too! Maybe that’s the connection!
    Seriously, the words here and lyrics there are WOW! The sentiments/reasons are quite different though…

  10. “i deceive myself
    a trance so tranquil
    that i am blind
    to my own blindness”

    the whole piece is very beautiful, i especially enjoyed the above.
    life as a perfect illusion.
    it’s one of my favorites, and love the challenge with Jade’s photo.

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