when the night winds blow…

Years ago while I was wander through a European museum, I came across a poem that been jointly written by several artists.  It was quite fascinating to think about the possibility of writing a poem with another author and trying to conceive how that might work.  Well at the suggestion of River Urke, we have down just that…wrote a poem together over the  course of a week. She would write several lines and then I would write several lines…using each others lines as a prompt  for the next few lines.  This is our first attempt and I must admit it was fun and a very worthwhile experience for me.

20 thoughts on “when the night winds blow…

  1. It worked out well, I think, as your collaborative effort with River. I also really like the visual design of the graphic, type font and its color.

    The poem communicates something I’ve felt, and experienced many times. It’s really such a great effort, and a successful one!

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  3. I love writing joint poems, in fact a group of us from time to time, do such a thing and it, in fact, is a great challenge – as you know, no two people can use the same words to convey a message and at times, that message changes direction because of one person’s addition —- yes, Charles, it’s a good thing! and thank you to River, too!

  4. I like the sentiment expressed and the way the poem is presented as well – I’d say the collaboration went well. Don’t know if this can be done, but I’d love to hear the two of you collaborating in a reading of it…

  5. wow – like this a lot – and can’t believe that two different people were writing on this
    if you’d asked me if this would work – i’d had my doubts
    Do you know Brian Miller at waystationOne? He’s doing this with stories – so someone starts to write and someone else finishes – that’s always great.
    But i never saw it with a poem

  6. Always hold it in a dream Charles, this has touched me! I have written a poem together with Tracy as well and it is so much fun…thanks for this wonderful writing, together you have created a masterpiece. Have a great weekend.

  7. I always think it’s so amazing what two or even several poets can come up with when writing a single poem. I think there’s a vibe that bounced between them. I, too, have written a joint poem and it was a fascinating thing to me. It was a very cool experience. This was a magnificant piece. Bravo! You guys did a wonderful job.

  8. Well done … not as surprised that two collaborated on it, but that the two expressed in a consistent voice. Appreciate the sentiment as well and the unusual layout.

    Thanks to both of you.

  9. Really fascinating idea! The final piece is marvelously crafted. It is really amazing to see that two creative minds can work in such different ways and yet so smoothly piece together their thoughts to one. Very beautiful poem.

  10. I appreciate it because you are willing to stretch and experience. To me art is- collaboration, feeling a oneness of expression, experimentation, never getting stale

    moon smiles for a wonderful piece my friend

  11. I think you’ve done well here as you can’t see the seams, as it were. I tried being part of a renga and it was horrible because the poem kept going off in directions I disliked.

  12. Very beautifully written, Charles (and River).. The fact that worked on each others’ lines to come up with such a meaningful and profound poem, is awesome!
    Sometimes, darkness really takes over, and leaves light very far away.. All we can do, is hope we find the end of that tunnel soon, and work towards it.

  13. Wonderful collaboration! I like how it is included within the sense of light buried in all that darkness. unseen…..it is still there…well done to both of you, much enjoyed! ~April

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