dust to dust….

Photograph by CWMartin

when your dust
settles back
into mother earth
and the tears
of sorrow
have dried
what sounds
will be heard
above the rumble
of time passing
a mumbled mantra
chanted to convince
others of their
love for you
or the roar
of deeds
well done

28 thoughts on “dust to dust….

  1. Or for those wild children – the earth may say “who poured out the spice of life?”

    I’m being cheeky I know

    great reflection C

    Moon smiles

  2. So deep…… made me stop and really think, ponder, meander and grasp at a thought not in step. Thank you. x
    Beautiful photo…what wonderful bark those trees have, so abstract when I zoomed in. I think I might paint today.

  3. That’s a very good question, Charles! And both those options leave me thinking… “really?”
    I wonder what we want…

    And as usual, I sign off with a question on my mind! Yours is quite consistently the last poem I read before going to bed.. cuz I can chew over it… and think and think…

    Thanks for everything, C…

  4. A deeply thought-provoking post, as always. I know what I want to be remembered for – even in life, I can’t stand those false ‘love’ mumblings. Show me, I want to shout: Let your deeds be the proof of your love for me, for all.

    … the roar
    of deeds
    well done

    I love that, the roar – what an awesome sound!

  5. “We are stardust / we are golden / we are billion year old carbon / and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden” Reminds me of Crosby, Stills, and Nash singing that Joni Mitchell tune.

  6. There seems to be a theme with a lot of your recent poetry and I hope that you are okay.

    I often stop and wonder what people will remember of me after I am gone…some might say that’s morbid, but it helps me strive to be a better person!

    Great poem 😀 xx

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