gift of the cherub…

Challenge Photo from Toni Cross

i must admit
i was quite surprised
to see her there
bare feet residing
under a table twice her size
on a carpet of worn out grass
she appeared at ease
in this impromptu marketplace
offering only one item
to wanderers of this sidewalk
a pair of shoes
the finest
she had ever worn
according to the sales rep.
my inquiry into why
she would sell
such a fine personal item
was greeted with a smile
and carefully chosen words
any good salesperson
without bothering you with all the details
i can summarize it like this
lost job
no money for food
wanted to help
i paid twenty dollars
for the shoelaces
and told her
to take the shoes home
just in case
things got
looks like
things got


This is the second poem from me in the photo challenge between Toni Cross and I.  Toni’s first response to the challenge can be found here….I am certain that you will be as impressed as I was.

26 thoughts on “gift of the cherub…

  1. That was such a sad-sweet story…
    Loved the child’s sales pitch… how innocent and sweet of her!!

    Very well done, Charles… (and here, I let out a tear or two)… kids are just fantastic!!

  2. for the love of her life, daddy
    who could do nothing else, but make the love of his life, daughter
    feel special, not by the shoes she wore, but by the love that her love extended to fill his shoes

    startling photo, but your words made the story behind it, a keepsake! Nice Work, Charles! -Denise

  3. Remarkable poem and story. the build up is perfect as far as your writing style. the human side unbearably raw. god bless the person(you the write?) that paid 20 dollars for the shoelaces and left her the shoes and story yet to profit from. this touched me in a insane way, and made me want to be a better person….

  4. Always impressed by the works a challenge can bring.

    Great pitch–and a story at once sad, but also touching. Ah, the purity and the sweetness of children…a pity the world so strikes it from us as we grow.

  5. This is so very touching. The brilliance of your words shines through as strong as the message you are portraying. A wonderful read!

    Thank you! Chloe

  6. OMg thats so sweet. And so well written. Did that really happen? Is that a picture you took? Reminds me when I paid a homeless guy 20 bucks to take my picture in New York coming back from working at the carnival. But I bet your 20 dollars was a whole lot more. You’re an angel!

  7. Sometimes kids like us grow up. Sometimes we don’t. I’m glad you see the people most other miss and proudly display their spiritual relevance. You’re a good soul slpmartin, I hope you never stop writing the truth you see because one good voice is louder than a year of silence. 🙂

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