based on standards or rationality…

Photo Challenge from Toni Cross

now i paid good money
to rent this place
but it ain’t no
american dream
just a second floor apartment
where watching your step
becomes a way of life
carefully ascending
this stairway to heaven
becomes a way of avoiding
a shortcut to the hereafter
you may have noticed
i change the outside
decoration depending on
who’s in power
that way maybe
i’ll get a job
see i found
that the folks who
make it in the world
are willing to
go with the flow
sellout to the highest bidder
now i know
you think that’s wrong
but hell think ’bout
all those folks
we elected
promised to do what’s best for the country
and child
what did they do when they got there
started doing things like everybody else
the old doctor jeckel and hyde syndrome
but you can’t blame them
look at the mess the world’s in
they just want to keep their job
so they
give the voters what they don’t need
and probably shouldn’t have
shine shoes for some corporate bigwig
with your voting ballot
but let’s be honest
one has to lookout for their
own retirement benefits
so although it’s taken me awhile
i’ve learned my lesson well   

This poem is really a duel challenge one photo challenge from Toni Cross and a second written challenge from John Holmes.  With any luck at all I’ve managed to’ hit two birds with one stone’ as they say.  They are both friends…well they were right up to the time that I published this response to their challenges.

16 thoughts on “based on standards or rationality…

  1. You made a strong point here… At the end of the day, it all comes down to looking for oneself.. sometimes, it becomes difficult to tell if it’s good or bad.. 😦 Makes us question our decisions so many times!

    A lovely read, Charles… as ever ofcourse!

  2. Love how you start out at one point and take us completely somewhere else. Also, I love the photo. It looks like something I actually rented in New Orleans in grad school.

  3. I could just picture the person talking…possibly chewing on a blade of grass…as they reveal this stream of consciousness…a saddnes painted in their eyes as they gaze off to the horizon…

    Another great poem 😉

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