caution high voltage lines…

My friend Toni Cross has done it again…presented me with a photo and challenged me to write a poem based upon what I see…without any background information …just based upon what I see….of course in the true spirit of poetic brother/sisterhood I have sent her a photograph with the same detailed information that she provided me….I certainly hope you enjoy each of our poems.



Challelnge Photo From Toni L. Cross

i have some
bad news
for you
the power
has been off for years
in this damn societal enclave
the only thing running through
these lines
is yesterday’s dreams
this recycled ball of trash
that we have been living on
ain’t worth the cost
of the security system
we keep spending billions
on a worn out corner of the globe
that erupts in smoke and ash
flowing with blood-red lava
through the veins of history
shakin’ like some old damn car
just before the wheels fall off
folks we elect
keep telling us
for national security
we must spend more
for an old wooden door
with rusty hinges
shut tight
years ago
with nails
of fate
for true

15 thoughts on “caution high voltage lines…

  1. Strange to say I enjoyed a poem about such a dark subject, but I always do enjoy your writing. This has become my habitual port of call to start my days. Thank you.

  2. recycled ball of trash – when you think about it, doesn’t that describe everything?

    Poem very much in the dark, hopeless and angry realism range, whereas the photo contains a wonderful element of humor – the electronic warning versus the wooden latch locks. Interesting mixture these two. Perhaps anger and satire are recycled trashballs of hope, humor and reality?

  3. Morning Charles,

    I came here via the comment you left on Cindy’s blog, and like the poem-on-a-pic idea and may play with something like this myself. I’ll let you know. Cheers.

  4. beautiful dark poem, loved how you incorporated the parts of the pic into the poem. loved the beginning lines:

    i have some
    bad news
    for you

    this sets the tone of the poem as satirical and you didn’t dissapoint!

  5. Charles, you not only write fantastic poetry,but you keep very good company. I have had the chance to follow and read few of your people here commenting. Really wonderful reading all- Thank you and always keep sharing.

  6. slpmartin — just wanted to let you know that I’ve passed the Versatile Blogger award on to you. I find your poetry thought-provoking and always infused with a deep concern for humanity. Thank you.

  7. Hehe… Nice Charles. I love the irony of this picture. I may take a while to post the picture challenge. It looks like I won’t have anymore computer time until after work. :-/

    My muse was being lazy on my 1/2 hour lunch break- oops! Lunchbreak just ended.


  8. You’ve pointed out the most sordid truth here, Charles…
    So much spent in the name of human rights and what-not, but only utilized in and for self-destruction and destruction of everything around us!
    “And yet we elect” – lot of meaning in that 1 line! LOTS!!

    Thanks for sharing this powerful poem, C… you did total justice to the amazing picture! Now I am off to read Tori’s…

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