impending system failure …

critical updates
are necessary
and are ready
for downloading
  current operating system
  is failing
  too many errors
  are being encountered
  virus infections most probable
  perhaps greed
  distorted sense of righteousness
  are possible causes
  processing slowed
  on key functions
routine existence is operational
procedural stacks are overflowing
auto fill-in forms and e-love
have become the norm
dream scenarios
not initiated
system has crashed
operator keeps
hitting the return key
going back to the same
replaying man’s fate
again and again
no way out of the loop
without updating
operating system
please subscribe now
to a future
where dreams
may run

25 thoughts on “impending system failure …

  1. Really interesting relation, if only updates were that easy to come by. I am going to remember it every time I hit the back key on my keyboard.

  2. my own “operating system” hasn’t been critically updated for 25 years now, so i’m seeing them blue screens pretty regularly now, hard rebooting does a body good though *grin*

    loved this!


  3. okay, so you’ve proven to me
    that we think alike
    disgust alike
    and downright
    this was a wonderful ride, my man!
    everything in place
    in it’s proper
    on the page…

    Hey, we could have a go with this, maybe not with this superb writing/image…
    if you’d like, we can have a ‘word play-writing fest’ and any of your groupies could join in to have a little mind exercise THANG going?
    We would each have time to ponder/write, because there is a time-zone difference, and my good morning is moving toward Tea Time, or Pub O’Clock somewhere in the mother land! (I say this tongue and cheek, kiddingly, and all too perky! 😉 for this time of day! oooH, just thought of a Great Soundtrack to have playing while reading this… Major Tom, Bowie… I know one is a rocketship-outer-technology, and one’s billGatesWare-inner-technogoop! or A Space Odyssey !? –

    sorry for the WRANT=WRITE… you can Delete this post, if you wish, >blush, Denise<

  4. hah! You’ve perfectly described the world as is it is today, surviving on virtual reality… (sigh)
    Although the gap between reality and the virtual world is HUGE, the line dividing it seems to be getting thinner and finer.. but thta too is an illusion…
    And in all of this, hate, greed and other vices still prevail..

    Well put, C!!

  5. this is brilliant!!!!very nice, and how creative….i love the idea of humanity communicated through the bsod (blue screen of death)….still loving it….take care

  6. Oh yeah… badass poem. The blue screen of death. Though I work from a Mac now… I’m not sure we have blue screens of death. 🙂

    Excellent metaphor. This is a poem I wish I’d written.

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