cost analysis…

an armada of ships
sail to the gulf coast
to assist with capping
an oil well
potential losses
in the billions
floods in pakistan
thousands dying
potential loss
no real

21 thoughts on “cost analysis…

  1. The situation in Pakistan is beyond understanding, how do we even begin to help. There is a major drive here to donate funds, but can we even touch the tip of the iceberg?

  2. Okay..this one gave me the chills! I saw dark waters, green stacks sinking beneath! I saw twinkling eyes, colorful houses burning, people crying, dying

    Not a great image to sleep on…

    An excellent comparison here, Charles…
    What’s more valued in today’s world after all???
    Human lives?? That’s become a mere joke!
    But piles of green? Hmm… NOW we are talking! (sigh)

  3. Having read this, I feel so much more like just a speck who inhabits this Earth without making a difference while I’m here…
    and when I’m gone, no one will miss me. Nice, but so very sad, viewpoint on the rumblings of nature and mistakes that man creates to this place we should co-extist together. Apparently, not so happily!

  4. It’s amazing isn’t it – the way the world reacts differently to tragedies – the floods are worse than the boxing day tsunami apparently and the reaction is competely different – so unfair.

  5. You have pin pointed the myopic vision of a nation with everything. It’s important to remember how many people in this world have nothing and even that is taken by nature. You write with such healthy a social conscience slpmartin.

  6. The dept sadden flash of light,
    But the fate finds way to the night,
    Thy lines are full of truth sight
    and depression is existing, but
    human lives…

    Thank for sharing your wonderful work.


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