a reflection of life…

do you  even
to understand
that these words
may be
your last
have you run your tongue
along the sharp edges of existence
to feel the pain of tomorrow
your impending death
i think not
for if you did
you would not
your time

28 thoughts on “a reflection of life…

  1. haha, tis your rhymes that make the journey even sweeter, so if they be my last, i shall die a happy lass. lovely, made me smile, think, ponder, wake up and esp loved this: ‘have you run your tongue
    along the sharp edges of existence’ brilliant

  2. A thought provoking poem. To add my thoughts, even in contemplating death, I don’t want to fear it. I cannot bring myself to live each moment as if it is my last for fear that it might be.

    On another note, you are the only other poet I know of who uses audio for their poems! I looked over your blog a bit and apparently you’ve been doing it much longer than me 🙂 But I am excited that other people are using audio for poetry too!

  3. phhheeww.. I have thought about all that you said here, and I still maintain that I am GLAD I “spend” my time wisely in reading your so-called foolish rhymes 🙂

    You are so modest, Charles… but you are just terrific!

  4. These so-called foolish rhymes may just be an answer to a prayer, a light in the darkness, a wake-up call, a last conversation with a dear, dear friend, a sought-after way to forgiveness, a spoken truth long ago forgotten, a gift of courage to one who feels lonely and afraid, a ray of hope in the face of this death that you speak of….all of this and much more. 🙂 Thank you for these words you give the world. 🙂 Heartspell

  5. Allow me to differ. I think I would – in fact, I would savor them even more than I do, living moment by moment what ‘time’ I had left… Thank you always for your words!

  6. Is it foolish to read the last line
    Is it foolish to leave unread
    Is it foolish to not read at all
    Is it foolish to want to die
    Is it foolish to live for ever
    Is it not foolish to dance the fool
    Is it not foolish to not be here at all

    I like the twist that this maybe a question not a reflection!

  7. I have not visited your blog for way TOOOOooo long…your writing is as excellent as always. This one made me smile – but at the same time, there is such truth in your words too.

    Chloe 😀

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