Challenge Poem Response from Toni Cross…

So first things first…here’s the link to Toni Cross’ poem which is the response to the photo that I sent her as part of our challenge to write a poem around each other’s photos.  As you can see by the photo that I provided her,  this was no easy task….I think you’ll just love what she has created for the photograph .

 So after such a wonderful poem by Toni…I had to think of something new to write about…decided not to talk about music for obvious reasons…so here’s what I came up with for today from me.

a perfect fit…

it slipped into
his hand so easily
as if it had been
made for him
but he had
fought this thought
and had been told
by those who teach
that it was wrong
but now
in his hand
religious justice
on his side
murder seemed
as natural
as making love
and felt
as good
when nailing those
who did not believe
like him
to a cross
a self-deification
with no questions

12 thoughts on “Challenge Poem Response from Toni Cross…

  1. I like the way you wrote from the murderer’s point of view. With so many religious killings, one can’t anymore ignore the fact that those killing think its right.
    Your poems sometimes give a sinking feeling in the stomach as they pack a punch. But a required one.

  2. And who would have ever thought murder, by looking at a guitar?!?!? Phheew… this was a chilling read, especially the second half of the poem…
    In the first half, I really thought you meant that the subject excelled at something that others had stopped him from doing.. okay, I didn’t think it was music cuz you said do 🙂 But I never even dreamt it would be murder 🙂
    An excellent read…

    • Lol, for guitar – read double bass, it’s all that Jazz baby!

      Kavita I think you have the wrong end of the stick love, the photo is not the inspiration for this poem, but Toni’s..

      Please don’t take offence as none is intended 🙂

      Respect and Peace!

  3. Is it disturbing how this happens……On a different scale, but totally the same principle, I used to work with a guy who as a shopfloor worker was bullied and suffered quite a bit, at the hands of a supervisor.
    Yet when he had a short spell in charge he chose to do the same thing to another guy and made his life miserable. What is it about power / control that ruins people I wonder?

    Great poem with a powerful message, keep them coming Charles.

    Respect and Peace!

  4. Wow. Powerful words, Martin. I must concur with Kavita–who would have seen murder in a guitar? Goodness, though, you certainly did bring something to it.

    Interesting POV, and well writ the whole way through.
    “a self-deification
    with no questions


  5. Hello Charlie!
    Sorry for my silence.
    wonderful poems, I took my time today to catch up on your poems!
    We were on vacation in Pheonix Arizona 🙂
    Take care!

  6. More complex than it seems at first read.

    Murder seemed natural … like young people play video war games and learning to kill than taking it to war for real. Sad.

    Thanks for the intro to Toni Cross. Enjoyed several of her poems.

  7. Those two words religious and justice (murder in disguise) just seem to contradict one another in my way of seeing things. I just always remember: Thou shall not Kill. Profoundly put, this piece. Heartspell

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