upon the mount…

no calls
for alms
no cans
for coins
he stood
a man of 
just straw
dressed in scarecrow clothes
with  tears  flowing from eyes
asif to irrigate the hope within
his heart
just me
a   fool
and he
knew i
was not
so wise
as to
his cries to share a tear
so said to me… to share a tear
is to care about others as much i
cared about my own loves in this life

23 thoughts on “upon the mount…

  1. BRILLIANT!! The words, the story, and ofcourse the visual!!
    Absolutely fantastic!!!
    The poem really cried out to me… hopeless love drizzled with faith, all over the place! Really beautiful!

  2. Love the visual layout of the poem, and the way the line breaks flow. It’s perfect! How do you manage to your layout this way? I can never get WordPress to cooperate when I try to do something like this.

    • Sorry about the link…what I have found is that the orginal article gets archived and the link changes…I’ve had that happen several times to me…I’ll try to find where it’s been archived and relink it. Cheers!

  3. This is only the second time I have seen ‘shape poetry’ and I am in awe! Your poem and image are perfect…with an excellent flow of words. Love it. Chloe x

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