and they did unto others…

just like before
the hole was dug
perhaps it was
more of a trench
a mass grave
for the living
were herded in
beaten men
pregnant women
helpless children
all into this ghetto
with walls
and of course rules
for maintaining
social standards
everyone in
no one out
like every

19 thoughts on “and they did unto others…

  1. a stunning image!

    the last part, about social standards (!) and everyone in / no one out / like every grave made me think of black holes, or what we used to believe about black holes but are now questioning — but that’s nature, and this is so-called humanity…

    your final tag, I just noticed it up there: Pick a country — yeah {sadly}

    thank you!

  2. Very interesting my reaction to it because I immediately thought of the middle east even though there was a world map picture. I agree that truly it’s a world problem. Because none us can claim to truly live in/on lands that were not built upon the graves & suffering of others. We live where we live, have what we have because someone has suffered in the past and likely someone might even be suffering now for us to make what we consume. This is truly a global problem and the solutions to it are a riddle sadly…how do you lift up some people without the unintended consequience of pulling down another group?

  3. I can almost hear the drum roll that accompanies the march toward the grave. Why the ground groans and tear filled eyes are led to the edge of…

    Will we ever understand why??????

  4. a very gruesome, but REAL image!!!
    A huge grave, with rules for social standards, where humans are more robots than humans, where humans can only enter but never leave!
    A terrifying reality, brought to fore! I am in love with butterflies… for a reason! You just reinforced that wish all over again ! 🙂 Ofcourse, I still try to live like a butterfly even now though…

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