be not silent to me…


the tank
heavily plated
with the steel of hate
crossed the border of reason
shredding the fields
of hope beneath
its tracks
moving like an old ship
burdened with an albatross
around its mast
to a minaret
pushing the walls
of the tower
into the ground
to bury the sounds of prayers
but come the dawn
they hear the call
the sound
caught upon the wind
could have so easily
been mistaken
for the sounds
of falling leaves
but slowly
it grew louder
a chant
a demand
that peace
be now
without delay
and then
the silence
of despair

7 thoughts on “be not silent to me…

  1. Are these cries heard? Or do they just get drowned in the loud sounds of these tanks?
    Are these faces seen? Or do they get hidden behind the firing of machine guns?
    Who is to know?

    A resounding prayer and message, Charles!! Powerful, and very well done!

  2. Love the picture, and looooove the ‘little jewel’… if you know what I mean ;-)))) you truly deserve it, Charles! This and much more. By the way… we were talking baby names over with Vlad yesterday… Charles is on our top 3, so you’ll have to wait and see until late December/January 😉

  3. That silence is deafening

    Thanks for your kind comments this week. Sorry haven’t been by sooner this week has been crazy (don’t know why)

    Moon hugs

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