suffering the vengeance eternal…

there was a man
i shall call him
since his name
is not important
nor shall i tell you
his religion
since all religions
would have led him
to the same fate
so it was that everyman
came to the sea of death
seeking the monster
that had destroyed
all that was sacred to him
the smell of rotting fish
and sulfur filled the air
and he could barely breathe
but his anger was so great
that he waded into the sea
seeking his revenge
his flesh burned
but he refused
to give up his quest
soon his skin became numb
like a heart that’s filled with hate
and he was able to dive
beneath the surface
into its depths
with each dive his skin
became more adapted
protected by an armor
that he felt was righteousness
and so it was
for years
and one day he came upon the beast
and slayed it without mercy
the waters around him filled with blood
and he swam towards
the shore
but as he approached
screams could be heard
that the beast had returned
and in the reflection of the moon
he could see
that he had

22 thoughts on “suffering the vengeance eternal…

  1. This is a very complex poem and will require more than one reading, but the way you’ve brought the monster full circle is very clever. I shall return with my second cup of coffee.

  2. what a terrible end. we are born with a bit of the enemy in us, aren’t we? but we have something good in us, too… yet it is easier to fight the evil with evil — and the tendency is to draw from the stuff we have to fight the stuff within. it is indeed, a terrible end when no redemption is in view.

  3. “so it was that everyman
    came to the sea of death
    seeking the monster
    that had destroyed
    all that was sacred to him”

    Your ability to story tell is phenomenal. So often we get fight the beast only to become it. I was working at a job that was slowly changing the person who I was, so I quit instead of turning into the beast. The courage that you write about is honorable. To be stripped by the acid corruptions of life and still persevere. Another poem added to the lists of favorites.

  4. It’s so true… the moment we sow the seeds of revenge within our minds, we become the beast ourselves!
    A brilliant and powerful story.. with a strong message…
    Hate gets us nowhere..only deeper in that dungeon of spite..

  5. No, this is too sad…we must not let ourselves become the beast…love must be more powerful than that…love must win this war within ourselves…please. heartspell

  6. I like it – it’s powerful. I think my favorite lines are the following: soon his skin became numb
    like a heart that’s filled with hate

  7. Amazing! My mind is spinning with all the directions this piece sent me –– the images we have of ourselves that may or may not be true, how hatred breeds hatred, how we let pain make us ugly or can be used to create something beautiful. This piece is something beautiful!

  8. I love this one. it reminds me of those news shows where political extremists sit around a table shouting at eachother. with everyone talking, no one is heard, and they all might as well be the same person…

  9. Great imagery. I love the free form of your poem, I’ve never went out of the box like this while writing. The story you tell is a sad one, but recognizable and in too many cases very true. Props!

  10. I don’t know about every man, but a whole lot of people view death as a monster. Death cannot be killed, only accepted. The ending rings true, though perhaps recognition of one becoming a beast leads to remorse and acceptance; or perhaps to further benighted optimism; don’t know… an outstanding work

  11. This is great. Really shows how we must watch for that vehemence in us which comes when we have already crossed sides without knowing it. I felt the whole dredging weight of everyman accumulating and then being dragged from the sea.

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