it glows still…

i do not know
how long i’ve held
this orb
it may have been years
or just a few days
but it seems
only now
that it has arrived
in the palm of my hand
for it is still warm
and radiant
a phosphorus glow
that all can see
a light
that will not
yield to
the darkness of life
nor the shadows of fear
cast by the grave
it is my love
for you

26 thoughts on “it glows still…

  1. Hello slp martin, thanks for the comment the last time on my second website, I am also amazed to read and hear of your poems and I am really grateful to have seen this website.

    Keep up the good work and just wanted to say this poem has many points and views a reader can get…

    By the way, how did you place audio in your website…mind to share how?

  2. I love when you show your passion and love in your words. Hope you have a week that is full of many cherished moments. May you smile often. 🙂

  3. That’s exactly what happens when love finds its way into one’s life!
    All miseries fade, and all darknesses evaporate!
    A lovely poem, Charles.. it perfectly exhibits the feeling at the entry of love…

  4. These words are beautiful and only an idealist could write them. Love is a timeless and intrepid warrior against the dark, but it is also rarer than most people think. Excellent poetry as always slpmartin.

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