the great wall of babel…

and they began to build
they made bricks with fire
and the bricks were  formed
from the human clay of children
and the children’s parents
so too did they use
any defender of a child
or savior in sacred text
cementing them together
with crushed bone mortar
which came from greed and lies
mixed with innocent blood
thick and dark as asphalt
to fuse the bonds of hate
that held each brick in place
for centuries
built by masons of war
who knew the secrets
of their trade
placing each brick
in a kiln of lies
then cured by human ignorance
so that each brick would withstand
the blows of truth
and couldn’t be chipped
by the sharp edge of knowledge
and the wall
still stands

23 thoughts on “the great wall of babel…

  1. and the bricks
    with thier red dust
    hand mixed with water
    mud filling space filled with air
    with walls and an oven for the bread

    doubting nothing the woman
    kneads the dough as her children
    do thier chores
    and laugh

  2. Wow, this is wonderful, every word that goes through my mind make me jumped 🙂 Sounds like a conspiracy to me in a way (correct me if I am wrong from the way i read it or maybe i played too much games) , thank for sharing this wonderful poem once again I love it^^~

  3. And the wall still stands – amen! Standing and growing by the day. And God is dead and cannot come and tear it down. Nice world we gave built for ourselves. Well, at least we have Mc Donald’s and the mall.

  4. I don’t know how you do but please don’t stop. I’ve read and listened to your poem 3 times so far this morning. I just hope at least two people understand it and then pass it on to two more. We need to get your messages greater distribution … the world needs to hear you.

  5. Powerful words…brilliant poem…Brought to my mind a lot of topics like child labor, greed, human ignorance,etc etc etc…quite a packed poem:)
    thank u for stopping by my blog:)

  6. Strong words, powerful poem!
    I shuddered many times while reading it.. brought some really vivid pictures in my head
    “from the human clay of children” — phheeeww!!
    A lot of feeling and meaning here…
    Thanks for sharing this one, Charles..

  7. stark, horrifying, incredibly effective at stirring the heart of humanity within the human.

    …cured by human ignorance
    so that each brick would withstand
    the blows of truth
    and couldn’t be chipped
    by the sharp edge of knowledge…

    Your reading of the poem brought an added depth to the words and form. Thank you.

    • Yes…part of this poem is based upon that fact…but babel also was a major variable in its writing…my muse tell me what to say and I do what she says. 😉

  8. Those bricks mortared by “greed and lies”
    How sad but so true

    Too bad those bricks don’t bear the name of the ones sacrificed

    Hugs from the Moon

  9. Wow…your reading of this really gave it more power. I wish more poets would do that. Though, I do not, but that’s just because my voice perpetually cracks like a thirteen year-old boy’s. 🙂

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