night winds…

breath flowing
across the face
of timeless dreams
where lost souls reside
beside the pool of desire
tossing the coin of the realm
into its depths
making wishes
instead of prayers

25 thoughts on “night winds…

  1. “Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don’t find out til too late that he’s been playing with two queens all along.” Terry Pratchett

    Sweet dreams my friend.

  2. Awesome sight Mr Martin – your blog’s fantastic too!

    How do you embed your narrative into the blog? I had a quick look at my options and for some reason I cannot use mp3’s…..yet. Do I require an upgrade?

    Love your poetry and I intend to read more, as and when fella.

    Respect and Peace!

  3. wishes instead of prayers — wow!! A fine line of separation there… phew!
    Night winds sure have a way of doing the otherwise just dreamt of… paying games with the subconscious
    You’ve summed it up very well here..

  4. Martin,
    This is a deeply profound poem, very well done, and very sad. The “well wishers” seem not to know that their inheritance comes from the fact that they have coin from the wrong realm and are not capable of praying, so only wish based on eternally unfulfilled dreams and desires.

  5. Beautiful and poignant – I held my breath until the end, feeling the ‘just-so’-ness of it. One of those poems that express a whole world in a few well-chosen words, simple yet profound.

  6. Cleverly constructed! And I like how reside and beside are split between lines yet their rhyme helps you read on. Was it deliberate!

    • Yes it was a deliberate act on my part…didn’t think anyone would notice such a little thing…thanks for commenting and visiting my site…I so appreciate your comments.

  7. making wishes….
    hope you never stop
    thought there is a sadness there is a hint of the romantic

    nice Charles

    smiles down from the Moon

  8. Great poem, I like the assonance ‘i’, I don’t take it as the personal pronoun but rather as a homophone for ‘eye’ allowing the reader to observe.

  9. The last two lines sum up the entire feel of the poem, climaxing just at the right instant. Wishes are all that we live with for we know our prayers may not be answered. But that faith in wishes remain…. and thats what keeps us going.

  10. This is stunning. So simple yet poignant. I loved the “breath flowing/ across the face/ of timeless dreams”… it is so seamless and the image is lovely.

    Thank you for your comments on my poems!

  11. very nice! I’m a few days behind here.. catching up .. I really really like this one.

    tossing the coin into the realm … it’s such a visual for me of just how far a prayer has to reach … in that perspective it may as well be a wish ..

  12. I saw a very interesting interpretation of Eurydice on stage last year; this poem conjures something up that Grecian afterlife the director was trying to capture. Very nice.

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