the perfect marble…

i can’t believe it
i found it right here
while cycling
a steely
a childhood treasure
beyond wealth
more precious
than cats’ eyes
or even
steel-blue swirls
a steely
polished to perfection
i can see myself
in every turn i make
i’m circling the globe
seeing myself
as the reflections
of other’s lives
in every turn
i make
the same
and fears

This poem grew out of watching ‘Special: Human Cost of War – Featuring “I Know I’m Not Alone“‘ with Special Guest Michael Franti on Link TV…if you can please donate to this very important sources of world inofrmation .

18 thoughts on “the perfect marble…

  1. Excellent question…why do some choose to hate each other, rather than love? Loved that he found a steely…haven’t heard of one of those in such a long time, but it was great to hear again. Heartspell

  2. Your work is so three dimensional, perhaps even four or five…
    The photo is amazing – I can’t tell if it is a very clever steely or an even more clever photographer.

    The poem itself takes the simple act of picking up a marble and shows the whole world with the eyes of a child and the eyes of God all at the same time.

    Finally, the shape and size of your lines complete the work in such a way that nothing else could possibly top it.

    I am so grateful to visit your blog nearly every day. I think you have taught me as much in one month about creative writing as I have learned in the last two years.

  3. Charles – This marble enables me to visualize a world that’s pure and without malice. I guess you help the reader look thru the eyes of a child

    Well done and thanks for letting me borrow a poem

  4. Is that you in the picture? That is the cutest baby I evvvvvver saw :xxxxxxxxxx Such a sweet smile…. beautiful, beautiful child!

  5. Only you could think of this metaphor! I am humbled, Charles…
    Your skills at making the twisted things appear so simple, is quite par excellence! Bravo!

  6. Love the metaphor and am awed by the image, the perfect way it complements the words.

    The poem makes me ache with wondering why the whole world doesn’t see the truth of it, how underneath we are all the same. How can we not see that when we seek to dominate or decimate another culture, race, or human being, we destroy our selves?

    Thank you for this.

  7. Excellent question! Why is there war?

    I wish I had an answer. I wish I had a way for it to not be so. There is so much of it now, in so many places. But I find it so hard to believe, as you said, that every one is really that far apart in what we want and need as fellow humans and earth dwellers.

    To be happy? To have a full belly? To have a strong and loving family? To be held?

    We can all have all of that without fighting!

    love the poem. Thanks for making me think about this.

  8. Amazing and very touching poem, people should put aside differences and work together and not killing each other for the sake of have the land itself, we are born in the same way, God created us not to fight among ourselves but live and understand each difference and respect one another, and that is the only way human being can truly see the truth of the world 🙂 It can be a much better place if all human beings can do that, but well :X, anyways thank for sharing such a wonderful poem once again!^^

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