erida’s mist…

with every step forward you take
it flows just below the surface
you sense it as you move
as if someone is mocking you
you smell nothing
feel nothing
but that static
of an approaching storm
you hear nothing
for it’s like a gas
entering the body
through portals of the mind
to incite warfare
to start a riot
or send a lover
into uncontrolled rage
you feel confused
breathing quickens
lungs burn
heart pounds
you feel a peculiar horror
a feeling that persists
you feel

13 thoughts on “erida’s mist…

  1. Ack! So this is how the scorned feel…
    “you smell nothing
    feel nothing
    but that static
    of an approaching storm” — very scary !
    I could imagine a blind man, who is also deaf, dumb, lame, and devoid of any sense of smell or touch… will such a man be affected by an impending disaster?
    Unfortunately, there are quite a few such individuals around us. They are blind, deaf, dumb, and devoid of any senses! They even lack emotion.. Will such individuals ever get affected, I wonder.. Maybe they don’t even feel hated (sigh..)

    As usual, this is a very powerful poem and well worded poem, which has gotten me thinking!

  2. Charlie, I have missed so much since I haven’t been around… I decided to comment on this piece, because obviously I like it the most. Aggression as a result or response to feeling hated… I’ve always wondered what makes me act aggressive when I do (and when I do it’s best to run as far away as possible cause the house is – literally – coming down) – and I reached the conclusion that it’s fear. When I’m afraid I become violent for some reason, verbally, physically, or most often both…

  3. Not a comfortable feeling. I would rather pass on this one. 🙂 I would rather feel LOVE. 🙂 I love your poem and your intense words. They really make me appreciate my life. 🙂 Stay cool. 🙂

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