line sketch…

life line
lines on chart
bus line
stay between lines
line of reasoning
lines of conformity
graduation line
lines the pocket
communication line
lines dropped
front line
lines between sanity and insanity
crossed the line
enemy lines
line of fire
three     short     lines
reception line
lines of sorrow
lines of crosses

15 thoughts on “line sketch…

  1. And finally a horizontal line on a monitor and everything is gone… except what you wrote between the lines.

  2. Excellent short poem XD, after seeing this poem, it kind of occur to me that lines had appeared almost everywhere in our life not just in my Photoshop only =D And i just realized that there were so many different meaning of lines, interesting, thank for sharing =D

  3. How shall we live our lives given the inevitability of that line of crosses? And do we know that’s the end or is life an ellipse on a continum … yet another kind of line, not straight. Fine poem as always, slpmartin.

  4. “lines, lines, everywhere a line, blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind.” Variation on Five Man Electrical Bands’ “Signs”

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