these words i write…

Photograph by Vlad

my words
are all around you
feel them
against your skin
gentle as my lips
tracing the curvature
of your spine
in our warm bed
before morning’s dawn
do not ask if this will end
close your eyes
hold this moment
a gentle breeze
caressing the soul’s passion
holding our love
within this hallowed sanctuary
where each touch
is a sacred point
of the cross
in our love
where every breath
i take
a holy

Jade and Vlad have done it again…forced me to write a love poem during this challenge because of the image they provided.  For those of you new to this recent challenge…the whole idea behind it is to send a picture ( in this case by Vlad) to the other as inspiration (to the visual muse), and the other has to write a poem inspired by the image.  Please take a look at how Jade has responded to my most recent challenge photograph on her site.

23 thoughts on “these words i write…

  1. Aha… I sense a change in your style .. 🙂
    A turn towards subtlety I see… Lovely !!!
    And whatever your style, wherever you turn, your poems do not fail to keep me captivated!!
    A smooth, warm and fascinating piece!

  2. Another love poem – I am THRILLED THRILLED THRILLED! I’ve come to think that you didn’t write about love before simply because there was too much you had to say about it… and way too deep an understanding you have of it… I am touched, profoundly (yet again).

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  4. LOVELY. And the style of writing is amazing. It transgressed me into a realm of absolute delightful fantasy.

  5. Charles I dare to say this is my favorite poem of yours yet. The photogrash is beautiful maybe more like incredible. Its both. Then add your words. A perfect match. I am surprised another love poem and you did a suburb job. Tell Vlad I love his photo. Thank You for a wonderful read to my morning.

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