breathe deep my love…

Image provided by Vlad

fingers move
gliding through
extended time
floating on skin
tracing passion’s contour
no lines of separation
the glow of  morning
no other sounds
slow breaths
as each kiss shared
words fade into gentle touches
and soft kisses
rippling down the spine
there is nothing called time
lips meet
sharing even
the air they breathe

This is the fourth part of a series of poetry challenges between Jade ( and me. The whole idea behind it is to send a picture ( in this case by Vlad) to the other as inspiration (or visual muse, if you want to), and the other has to write a poem inspired by the image. Visit her site to see how she has responded to m third challenge photograph on her site.

29 thoughts on “breathe deep my love…

  1. This is definitely getting better and better! Ladies and gentlemen, Charlie wrote a love poem! And an awesome one at that… Blessed the woman loved by you. That is all I can say. You are among the few men who truly understand what love and passion are.

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  3. Truly a wonderful and capturing poem Charles. I simply love the way you deepened the emotion provided by the photo to create a complex lyrical painting bound with your fantastic creativity. Truly beautiful. A big thumbs up !
    P.S : Maybe we will send you some more pictures 🙂 This challenge really brought out the beauty that you and Jade managed to capture through verse.

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