with god so near…

Image Courtesy of Jade & Vlad

i ain’t
no religious scholar
what i say
may be all wrong
i was just flipping
through all those holy books
i couldn’t find
one damn thing
that said it was okay
to remove your neighbor’s landmarks
just to build more houses
for your family
to rape another man’s wife
no war
could i find one word
that said
the killing of children
is justified
because you want to teach
their parents
a lesson
you being
so close to god and all
tell me



16 thoughts on “with god so near…

  1. I saw an extraordinarily gifted man who never ceases to be an inspiration to the ones around him! Thank you so much for taking part in this ‘poetry challenge’ game! The picture, by the way, is the dome in Milan… always makes me think of how much visuals we need to represent and perceive the unvisualizable. Thank you thank you again!

  2. How could one justify these things in the name of their God; I cannot comprehend…Thou shall not… is what I saw. Beautifully captured, as always…Heartspell

  3. A FANTASTIC MESSAGE!!! And I really mean this from the bottom of my heart! I honestly wish the entire world read this, and realize a thing or two…
    Once again, I bow before you and your sharp poetry!
    Oh God I wish they all saw this one! Some day…yes, some day

  4. Wow, so honest. “People see what they want to see and do what they want to do.” Quote from The Land Of Point, childrens story. I was raised in a Christian home, by open-minded Christian parents. As an adult I have found that a lot of religious people twist scripture to make it work their way. They don’t study the background or the political views of the time it was written in.
    I suppose because I am dyslexic and have undiagnosed mild Asperger’s I see things differently to most NT’s. I have had to learn not to take things litterally, hence I study to the best of my ability. Before following the mass.
    I love your poem and your honesty. Thanks for your comment on my poem about my daughter. It meant a lot to me that you could understand. x

  5. The Horror!
    of it all…in this World,our World
    Men kill children in Gods name,
    Then ask for forgiveness?

    I am so sad this needed to be written.
    These messages you send, are so important to the World.

    I Thank you sincerely for writing this…slpmartin

  6. Wow. This is so sad but what we have to witness every day of our lives out there in the real world.

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