notwithstanding in this rejoice not…

enter these hallowed chambers
light a candle of pure hope
to push back the darkness of despair
press your hands together
grasping onto the frayed fibers of your faith
kneeling in the silence of your expectations
offer up your prayers
before the altar of tomorrow
not even prayers
said from the heart
nor wishes
cast with golden coins
into the fountain of belief
can bring life
to a stubborn soul
who sees the world’s sadness
as too much to bear
and so stays
within its shell
or dies before the dawn
as if to say
i’ve changed my mind
so cry
if you must
but understand
not all that is good
is born

19 thoughts on “notwithstanding in this rejoice not…

  1. like the words of children who point and say, that man has no legs, this piece holds such sad detachment and truth,
    that it actually hurts to read it and one must grieve or look away and pretend the man isn’t there

  2. too gentle

    for all of us
    is it a choice our soul makes
    to venture into this world,
    innocent and unprotected into this life?
    sadness and violence
    joy and love
    tear in opposite directions
    weakening, healing, scarring,
    and tearing all over again
    for our entire stay
    perhaps there are no choices offered
    perhaps some souls are simply
    too frail, too gentle
    to survive even the first breath

  3. Good god! This was amazing…
    “not all that is good
    is born”
    This is true to the core! Sometimes, you just have it! And sometimes, you’ve got to make yourself have it!
    Just complaining gets you nowhere… nor does just praying.
    A brilliant poem, which reinforce in one, that which had gone into hiding… self-esteem and confidence!

  4. This is what most people fail to understand… that you may be infinitely more happy in your shell of sadness and coins never to be cast into wishing fountains than out there in their world of fake smiles, fake consciousness, fake beliefs, fake fakeness. Not all that is good is born… how very true. “What beast, its hour come round at least, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born.” Recalls Yeats, don’t you think? 😉

  5. There seems to be much room for interpretation of those last lines “not all that is good is born”…. Would you mind sharing what you had in mind in writing those lines? A beautiful, heart-touching poem, this. Heartspell

  6. Very sad but I like it!
    Good job Charlie,
    I am going to New York for 2 days I have been busy lately, sorry for my silence!

  7. Poignant Charles. Wonder how many would retreat to rebirth after experiencing some of the the world’s harshness

    amazing any of us cope

  8. To see the goodness in everyone, no matter their state of “faith” or their ability to blossom, is a hard choice, that so many who do light candles or press their hands together or toss coins in the well, are closed to commit to.

    Great poem and point. Thank you.

  9. I was moved by:

    “not even prayers
    said from the heart
    nor wishes
    cast with golden coins
    into the fountain of belief
    can bring life
    to a stubborn soul
    who sees the world’s sadness”

    I can feel the sadness through these words and the truth it reveals.

  10. I talked with my brother about these “stubborn souls” today… it’s almost like you brought together the two sides of our argument in your poem… full of insight, your work!

  11. Touching poem. It hurts to see moments of my life in print. How hard the hands were pressed together, how safer it felt inside the shell…but then, I’m trying hard to give life to what is good.

    I love the photo!

  12. As always another moving piece. Being new to the site I continue to be astounded by all the great thought-provoking writing going on here

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