one of these days
i’m going to fold into myself
collapse into a little cube
or a pile of ashes
to be stored
or thrown into the sea
the prospect
is of course
not to my liking
folding into oneself
is what we all do

19 thoughts on “folding…

  1. Your ideas are most novel !! This thought of folding into oneself seems so realistic, and yet so new… Loved the idea (not of folding, but of your poem)!

    Hope you are having a great weekend…

  2. I really enjoyed the humor in these words this morning. Isn’t it funny how the circumstances surrounding it make it either funny or tragic? Nice poem – great video…which came first, the poem or the video?

  3. Hi there, loved the little video for ‘folding’. Your words capture exactly the confusing inevitability that attempting to know one’s self causes.

  4. Now THAT prospect is very much to my liking. An origami inspired farewell to the world. How positively neat. I wish to be bent (but not broken) into the shape of angel wings. But lucky as I am I bet I’m gonna end up folded by some wise guy who will turn me into a paper pig or something equally bereft of noblesse :-))))

  5. Dear SLPMartin (aka, the progressive thinker),

    well all these people have beaten me, and like a sheep i’ll still follow. this was brilliant, i really loved it. i’m also a fan of the video.


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