for love of money…

Dead Zone from NASA NOAA

the poison
the wound
the poison
the silent
was not seen
coursing its way
without repentance
trading profit in iowa
for gulf coast death
but no one talked of it
it was old news
dead zones
where life
no longer
just a scene
h g wells’
dr moreau

16 thoughts on “for love of money…

  1. You poems ALWAYS have a strong message… and you have a way to consistently and successfully bring it across!!! Kudos !!
    Greed (for anything) gets people nowhere.. it’s time they (and all) realize this little fact…
    Money (and I don’t just mean bills and coins) is just an object that simply keeps exchanging hands… it has no memory of its own, no feeling of its own, no sense of its own. If it did, even it would refuse to be exploited the way it is now… But we humans still don’t refuse, we still don’t care ! I wish we did!
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem with us all…
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Glad to see not everybody has forgotten that we had massive dead zones in the Gulf long before the current oil spill … which will just add to the major problem. It is really starting to look like one of this country’s major food sources is rapidly declining. But nobody points it our so elegantly as YOU.

  3. we
    the people
    woke up one morning
    to find we had killed a sea
    we woke up and made a decision
    complacency and disaster or hard work
    and hard choices with the redemption that we owe
    the helpless animals and plants and our own helpless

    what is it to be?

  4. “down the artery towards the wound where all eyes were focused”… love the intensity of this and how it could be interpreted in several ways…
    at the bottom of the food chain, there is already evidence of the oil in the larvae between the shell and the soft tissue of the crab; and thus the broadening effect it will contribute to these dead zones… so sad I feel for our beautiful sea life…Heartspell

  5. I just tried to respond to your next post, “Folding” and kept coming up with a message that this blog is no longer here and cannot be found. I hope you haven’t folded into yourself – I will miss your work if you have – you write one of the best, consistently, one of the absolute best. Please be just a temporary little hiccup and not a genuine folding.

  6. Thank you for that poem. I like the way it looks–running down the page like the oil “spilled” as they call it, on the ocean. I live about 3 hours from the MS Gulf Coast. I feel it is a personal tragedy for Mississippi, especially when we have not recovered from Katrina yet!

  7. Strong stuff as always. I so admire your work: there’s such conviction in everything you write, and you’re always tackling the big, difficult things so many of us shy away from. You’re an inspiration.

  8. You tackle a such a hot political and environmental topic without ever taking a side. Your attention to the media’s views and the silent poison killer really captured the events unfolding. Great Piece.

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