to my friend’s life questions….

i could not see his face
nor hear the sound of his voice
but printed words
his words
were tears
tears one could hear
if listening with the heart
not for sounds
but for a soul’s approaching storm
where changing winds
swirl in patterns of disbelief
tossing sacred vows
against the rocks of  uncertainty
swirling the dust of doubt
into his mind
blinding his eyes to love
and to distant dreams
just beyond the horizon of hope
he could not see them
nor feel their presence
for the darkness of faith
was upon him
a darkness so thick
not even the voice of god
could be heard

17 thoughts on “to my friend’s life questions….

  1. not for sounds
    but for a soul’s approaching storm

    for the darkness of faith
    was upon him

    both incredible groups of words, encased in a powerful poem.

    You could fill the room with a thousand iambs in a single thought. Thanks. Sue

  2. My friend is dying of AIDS and is now merely weeks or days away from the end. The multiple seizures in his brain are taking away his ability to speak and think clearly and we work together on his memoir in the short bursts of clarity that are becoming less frequent.
    As I read this, I kept thinking you were writing of him. It is a haunting piece in its portrayal of a dying man. Maybe you were writing of a man who is not dying in his body, but in his heart-soul, yet the journey looks similar.

  3. Strong poem.

    Here is a quote you may like:

    If I were personally to define religion, I would say that it is a bandage that man has invented to protect a soul made bloody by circumstances. Theodore Dreiser, 1941

  4. I left a comment earlier … now it’s gone.
    Turning into a day that the ghost in the machine is determined to ruin.
    Another strong poem, rest well friend.

  5. “blinding his eyes to love”
    This is the saddest thing 😦
    It must feel so lonely….

    Thanks Charles for this wonderful poem, thank you for the love you have for your friends and for all the support you gave me for AbdulRahman’s story
    Happy 4th of July:)

  6. I just wrote a short story about this man. How many are their caught in the storm of life where that very cloud pulls them face down into the mire.
    What is left? – the hand of a friend and hope!

    I just finished writing it and I run into this poem by my profound friend
    thanks C!

  7. As powerful as ever!!!
    Oblivion can get the better of anyone… And you brought it out PERFECTLY with him…
    When I started reading this poem, I was all groggy with sleep, and now, I am as awake as ever!!! Your poems seem to have that effect on me! I wish the world read it, and I wish it has the same effect on the world as well!
    Have a great weekend..

  8. I was moved by this poem…

    “tossing sacred vows
    against the rocks of uncertainty”

    …reminded me of personal situation I experienced.

    Masterfully written.

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. I’m speechless… If there is a collection of words that can explain him and what he is going through right now, and how I see him at this moment, it is this poem… beautifully written… thank you

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