what happens to a lie
when left to rest in the mind
of the liar
does it reflect
in the mind’s mirror
as ragged edges of truth
is it like a circus mirror
where its distortions
the lie
the truth

30 thoughts on “metamorphosis…

  1. How lost is the liar? How thick the liar’s web of denial or delusion? Yet, in psychology studies of the brain, we now know that a memory changes every time we visit it; each time, more dendrites become involved, carrying influence and historical connections to that memory, affecting it – changing it – ever so slightly. So what is truth anyway? Is truth itself not a lie of sorts?

  2. It never fails to amaze me when I encounter synergy of concepts with my friends. I’ve just been preparing a post for publication; it deals with plagiarism, which is lying in its purist form, I also wonder about the mind of the liar.
    Fine writing, sleep tight!

  3. Extremely thought provoking! Gee… I am still mulling over what you’ve written.. and here is what I came up with:
    When a man is a rebel, its because his thoughts are rebellious.
    So when a man lies, he must be imagining them as truth, before uttering the lie.
    But, you really have posed a really tough question … pheeww!!!

  4. Beyond the shadow of a doubt at some point the lie becomes a sort of truth. It never becomes THE truth. No matter how much you lie to yourself, you will always know what THE truth is. But the things is – when THE truth becomes the ultimate source of pain and suffering in your life, you need to replace with a (more or less white) lie. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. If I had kept sticking to MY truth even for a week longer, I would have been somewhere in a room with padded walls by now, with people staring at me through some little window. I thought I was strong – I guess I’m not. I am lying to myself and I’m well aware of that… but I dread going back to my truth.

  5. Sometimes the lie forms into reality and comes out as truth to the liar. They believe their own lie and think that nobody will notice.

    I think I did that myself. I rationalized a lie that shouldn’t have been. I should’ve realized what I was doing wrong at the time… Unfortunately, I let it go on farther than I ever should have. Regret…

  6. Interesting, if it never left the mind – isn’t it a lying to yourself? Like I’ve seen people do with being in denial. The mind is an odd thing. This poem is really food for thought but the beauty of the picture lightens it.

  7. A lie is a truth as long as the mind disapproves it of its hideousness…. A truth is a lie as long as the mind disapproves of its sanctity.

  8. “what happens to a lie
    when left to rest in the mind
    of the liar”

    Great opening question… quite the philosophical wonder, really. Thanks for this!

  9. Really a thought-provoking post (and comments). What is truth anyway? What is lie? And who gets to be right if, for instance, my truth and my sister’s vary significantly on certain events at which we both were present? Personally, I’m inclined to side with Nietzsche on his “no facts, only perceptions” stance.

    I like “ragged edges of truth” and the circus mirror metaphor.

  10. Powerful imagery in your poem. I like that.

    I have seen lies become “truth” for some. They live in the lies so much that they lose sight of what truth is.

    I think it is awesome that you can put the audio up, too. I have no idea how to do that.

  11. But will the liar be content to let the lie just rest in his mind? If he doesn’t see it as a lie, he’ll have no hesitation in giving it audience; for him, it may not be weighing heavily. Very thought-
    worthy poem. Heartspell

  12. Every once in a while, your blog shows up on my google home page. I don’t know why, but every time it does, there is something wonderful there. And today I just randomly went to my google page (much like the last time) and here this was. Always purposeful, always meaningful, and somehow, always uncannily timely. You make me want to write again, if only because you remind me of how perfectly wonderful words can be. I am still waiting, though I don’t know for what, though I did pick up a camera for the first time in months this week. Maybe I shall pick up a pen, too. This poem was perfect. Maybe soon I will reply. Thank you!!

  13. wow what a great way to reflect upon lying
    the distortion can be beautiful – what an illusion

    Happy Wednesday Charles

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