romance novels…

Section of Rosina & Count Almaviva by F. Keller

her love
was defined
by romance novels
stacked beside the bed
shaping all her perceptions
as if some old lady in new york
knew a damn thing about real love
and so when her book inspired love wane
she’d either get a new man or buy another book 

30 thoughts on “romance novels…

  1. Like your poem – I’ve friends who are hooked on romances and never understood what they enjoyed about them. Personally my bedside reading doesn’t include a single romance novel – hope that doesn’t mean something worse somehow!

  2. LOL! I couldn’t help laughing at the end this time. The dilemma of living in your own head or your head in a book forgetting reality exists very differently, has ups and downs, and we are not always satisfied.

  3. Sharp, perceptive, witty and memorable – unlike 99% of the romance novels that get published these days! Great work as ever.

  4. Oh yes and who made who? Did the hack make the reader or did the reader make the hack who writes this stuff? The first person who came to mind was Barbara Cartland, one of the cheesiest bodice ripping hacks ever. Gènial 🙂

  5. HEY!!!!

    We old ladies know a lot about love (and just as much about knocking insolent heads together)!

    Nice poem with interesting structure. Ixnay on the old aydeelay uffstay.


  6. hm…man/book…man/book…. Can I think about this one and get back with you? I’m trying to decide which one would be the best money spent. (psst- I am leaning towards the BOOK, when it starts bugging me I can just slam it shut and sit on it). Come to think of it, I guess I could do that to a man too…hm….what to do, what to do…

  7. i liked this one, it has a nice beat to it…and for some reason i like it short too…

    her love
    was defined
    by romance novels
    she’d either get a new man or buy another book

  8. I just watched the movie “As Good as it Gets”, and this is pretty much the same. Interestingly enough, I watch the scenerio in this poem constantly, because I work in a library. I see the women that come in to binge on hariquinn romances… and the cycles they go through.

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