shallow grave…

time is short
i must rush
to prepare
this spot
before day’s light
strikes this earth
exposing to all
crimes committed
lies told
deeds done
in love’s name
none shall believe
the good
nor recant
their lies
pressed into flesh
their whims
painful memories
what was
might have been
slight-of-hand illusions
only the time
the time
to prepare
my grave

12 thoughts on “shallow grave…

  1. A superbly written poem possessing depth and passion.

    Indeed, we must learn how to dig our own graves in shielding us from all the hurt and pain in this physical world.

    This poem possesses a mystical quality to itself.

    It creeps into your mind like a thick San Francisco fog.

    This poem makes you think, reflect and wonder about the the transition between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

    This poem gets high marks from me. Bravo and well done.

  2. your gift is rare-your delivery swift sure and powerful – and enough- at times— to buckle the knees of the unsuspecting or the faint at heart-much like you yourself must be-wry grin- well said-as usual mon ami

  3. Charlie, with all my friendship and love: why do you speak about grave and death frequently? did you ask yourself? you are way too young to be haunted by these stuff (and yes I know how old you area)….

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