just one more form….

we’re sorry for the inconvenience
but form 27-a does need to be completed
we regret the delay
but our government insists
that we assure
that your dying four month-old
is not a terrorist rebel
we understand the situation is critical
but forms are the lifeblood of our country
so please don’t take offense
when we require
documentation of your child’s
place of birth
and current religious
to access to a cross-border hospital
according to form 26-b
submitted 10 days ago
and returned after careful review
as an attachment to this letter
you indicated that your child would die
in six days
if no treatment were given
please document said event
in order that we may
process your request
for medical

27 thoughts on “just one more form….

  1. We’re sorry for the inconvience, but paper is more important then a life? In this day in age one can’t recieve aid without confiding to paper, why should a mother lose precious times on paperwork and stray away from her child. A harsh reality we have to see. Well written!

  2. Tear my hair out bureaucracy- I can’t abide with this in real life. You and I know it happens.
    My rant could be longer than your well written poem. I will fill out my rant in triplicate and get back to you.

    moon hugs

  3. Thank you for your poem, the amount of paper work that has to be done for everything, these days, is a really nightmare. Your poem puts this point across beautifully. x

  4. I like this poem very much, with its powerful juxtaposition of (literally) life-and-death matters with the awful, heartless banality of The System. Paperwork is the bane of our lives here in the UK, too: it’s why I gave up teaching, a job I really loved. I love the anger that bubbles just below the surface in your work – you say what so many of us are thinking. Thank you.

  5. This is the paper version of the law of jungle except that instead of the strong surviving, the connected survive. In the end, we are still animals, just a bit more sophisticated. As always, you impress me with the breadth of your writing.

  6. Thank you once again Charles, for another descriptive observation; At least, I pray that it was only an observation in your personal life.

    As I posted somewhere else on one of your post, maybe the ( Wood Carver ) truly should open the eyes of many hearts. But, then there are unfortunately still those, who choose just not to see.

  7. Really appreciated this poem when I read it yesterday. It’s sad how forms & rules take the place of compassion, individual judgement and common sense. I swear I see it weekly if not daily around me!

  8. This is the same as those large corporations who hold meetings about meetings, to decide if they need another meeting! Excellent poem. Thanks.

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