voting for a killdeer…


lies do not hide in the shadows
they stand in plain sight
knowing that you would not suspect
that they would stand so close to the truth
they know you’ve been trained
to avoid the avoiders
so they meet you head on
admitting to weaknesses
contrived for the conversation
so as to impart to you
some sense of power over them
knowing all the while
you do not matter
nor will you even care
when this day is done
cast your vote
kiss my ring
and lets
be done with this


Image of Kill Deer from Google

16 thoughts on “voting for a killdeer…

  1. Wow! what a wonderful analogy you used for your thoughts through pics…

    and deep meaning behind your poem is equally wonderful. Well done…keep writing.

  2. Charlie you should be in politics, seriously.
    OR and adviser to a politician 🙂 so you can tell them what no to do to be popular 🙂
    Harsh poem though!
    I can see lots of people being targeted in this poem.
    Have a great day Charlie!

  3. Loved this one. Central thought ‘knowing all the while
    you do not matter…’ seems to be a universal truth in politics today. World over.

    But then this realization itself will give us some power and makes the powers that be a bit uncomfortable? Hopefully…

  4. Didn’t know if you have been to Adam’s site today if you have you understand the smiles
    Isnt it interesting that some of life’s greatest difficulties can be mimicked in nature. Though man brings alot on himself. As always thought provoking!!!

  5. knowing that you would not suspect
    that they would stand so close to the truth…isn’t that the truth?! The pic/analogy is incredible.

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