i’m taking requests so…

what instrument shall I play for you
shall it be a magic flute
with melodic tones
that drift you into an even deeper sleep
where you can claim
this to be
the best of all possible worlds
or shall i play a song
that stirs your soul
a march
that will let you see
the world around you
where slavery still exists
and hate burns deep
into the souls of men
like the searing heat
of a branding iron
or shall i play
a clever little melody
with notes to let you see
a child’s badly bruised face
from a loving parent
or the makeup covered scars
of your neighbor’s adorable wife
or perhaps you would prefer
some blues
to help you see
the deep stench of misery
of a ragged homeless person
or a flag caressing a parent’s coffin 
while small hands are left behind
whatever you choose
please tell me the key
so as to unlock
the heart within you

22 thoughts on “i’m taking requests so…

  1. Magic flute sounds good. Maybe you could drive out all the rats squirming their way around these places :-))) [I’m sure you know the story ;-), if not let me know so that I can explain the rat-flute association]

  2. This subject matter, much of which I have survived is why I write now. Thank you, for taking words and stuffing them into an important pair of boots that kick ass. 🙂

  3. I love the part where you say: “Slavery still exists” Oh yes, it does! some kids are sold and never get the chance to get an identity, and I mean a real ID documents, seriously!
    Nice poem Charlie!
    Thanks you.

  4. The photo and first few lines of this work so well to open my ear to an exotic voice – light, teasing, pleasing, yet with deep dark undertones. As an innocent traveller in a strange city, approached by a stranger, I am immediately charmed by his playful enticing voice. But each line draws me deeper into the alleys of reality – his reality – the one that he lightly fingers over the flute, while looking into my eyes and daring me to follow.
    Excellent piece. The merging of poetry with photograph couldn’t get much better than this.

  5. a song could express any emotions or events in history…
    you have touched a wide range of topics and thank you for the collective poem!

  6. Indeed, another great poem. I love the idea of the best of all possibly worlds. This created beatiful imagery for me and got my imagination flowing. It is very clever the way you juxtapose a lovely image of being sung to sleep by a magic flute with the harsh image of slavery. Well done. I’ve added you to my blogroll because I really enjoy your work. I look forward to each post!

  7. You evoke the power of music so eloquently here, and your images so perfectly stir the emotions you aim for. Beautiful and rich.

  8. Its a very moving poem, makes you think about world around you and all the miseries and pain in it.

    It has easy but musical flow but music in it is very sad one which makes my heart ache for mankind.

    well done , this is really a well written poem. Keep it up!

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