a jade framed mirror….

as i passed my mirror
i would have sworn
i saw the reflection of a unicorn
perhaps the last unicorn
but i can’t be sure
for just as i turned
the  lights went out
leaving only slivers of moonlight
peering through the darkness
but i wondered
could this vision be true
am i the last unicorn
a hapless man on two feet
a unicorn
     a partaker of life’s nectar
     breathing in love’s passion
     while wading through
     the cold waters of yesterday’s dreams
     feeling the shifting sands of today
     beneath my feet
a unicorn
     a dying breed
     caught in brambles
     of despair
     unable to move
     for fear of death
there must be others
dreamers and lovers
who believe
that this life
is much more
than a reflection
in a mirror

34 thoughts on “a jade framed mirror….

  1. Thousands really and probably a good thing there is distance between to save from gores ,gashes and poked eyes.
    I love it.

  2. Wish i could write poems the way you do..really love your style…i want to add you to my blogroll but there’s an error…so maybe some other time..:) hope you don’t mind..

  3. Waw Charlie!!! Is this inspired grim Jade’s poem? It is amazing!! Your poem remind me for some reason of the song Hijo de la Luna!!!
    Beautiful Charlie.
    Good way to start my Sunday:)

  4. Great flow to the lines. In addition to what’s “much more” than a reflection and the matter of mirrors, makes me think one must always consider perception and invention.

  5. Love it – but then you know anything with the slivers of moon catches my attention

    Happy Sunday Charles

  6. I see this poem from a perspective most adults do not believe. I am a believer that there are realms existing in layers with ours. Here is my interpretation…The mirror represents a doorway to one of these worlds. I see your reflection as a Unicorn being acknowledgment unconsciously of the existence of their world and representing you in this world as an imaginative, passionate, dreamer of a man. You are not alone it’s that there are so few of us amongst all the rest
    Thank you for commenting on my poetry. I love reading your work. 🙂 It’s funny we both posted poems with a sliver of moon in them today.

  7. Beautiful! ❤ I related to finding good men in the world today. The last of the unicorns hidden by the world's confusion and revealed only in the moon's light. and the way you ended it, hopeful that other dreamers and lovers see the world as you do. It really is a well crafted piece.

  8. The image of the Last Unicorn is so original, so breathtaking. And so many emotions are weaved into that single image. Its amazing and beautiful or amazingly beautiful.

    But there are other dreamers, lovers…
    May be all of them carry the Unicorn within them.

  9. i like the way you narrate your poems, adds gusto and dimension to your already impressive work.

    have you thought about publishing these in a book? maybe you’ve done so already.

    enjoyed reading this, nice to hear about unicorns after a long while : )

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I have not seriously consider publishing these in a book for some time…I may do an ebook if I ever learn how to do it or something else not really for sure right now.

  10. I am new to your site and have not had the opportunity to work my way completely around it just yet, but what i have seen so far i have enjoyed very much. I like the audio touch where i can just sit back and ‘listen’.

    This is a great post (of course my fascination with unicorns goes back to my ‘babyhood’ so any mention and my ears perk right up).

    I look forward to reading past and future posts. Thank you!

  11. The world needs dreamers and people who see beyond the superficial. Thank you for being a voice for us all – eloquent and angry and passionate as ever.

  12. another beautiful poem! when i first saw the picture i was like “wee, unicorn.” hahah! yeah, i was fascinated by the picture. but as i continued with the poem, i enjoyed it. yeah i really enjoyed it. *claps* 🙂

  13. Just love, love, mad love this!!! Very similiar message to my poem Horizen Ride , that you just commented on!! This is just so beautiful and flows so perfectly. Thank you for bringing this to the world, it gives me a feeling of comfort to know I am not the last unicorn, always dreaming and roaming the dewdropped forests…;)


  14. What a darling piece that awakens the unicorn in me. I wander through the forest of mankind as one of them. In a flash of the moment when the traffic light turn from red to green, when an eagle’s feet leave a branch for a flight, when my love’s eyes glint past my face, I may show my unicorn. Hoping, just maybe, in a fleeting moment, another unicorn would spot my existence.

    • We should just connect these two poems and then have others add to the image…it would make for one amazing poem…loved what you wrote Maya…so very beautiful!

  15. I began to read this earlier, and the first few lines still stuck with me. I like the feel I get from it most of all. It’s a feel for an otherworldly set/stage. Dunno. 🙂 I also enjoy many of the words you use, like sliver. Nice to see. 🙂

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