alice in political land…

Image from In Wonderland Graphic

so here it is
there was this bunny
he went down a hole
and this chick
but falls hard
like during an election
so next thing
there’s this party
tea party
and everybody’s
hanging out
with the mad hatter
and talking
al’ bunch of stupid stuff
and the chick chimes in
like you know
drill baby
or something like that
and then
the rabbit hole starts
throbbing oil
like an artery’s been cut
or like that something
and the people
get a sudden
case of alzheimer’s
you know when someone
says i’ll call you tomorrow
and moves out of town instead
anyways they
start yelling
off with his head
off with his head
like the dude’s christ or something
an’ wha’
the moral of the story
well here it is
expectation will put your ass
in a sling faster than a speeding bullet

23 thoughts on “alice in political land…

  1. I get this feeling that I might actually start liking literature I loathed in the past if it is repackaged and re-wrapped by you! :-))) This was so great! Congratulations!

  2. A timely and ironic reminder of the world situation.

    But this lines are so relevant in so many other situations of life.

    you know when someone
    says i’ll call you tomorrow
    and moves out of town instead…’

  3. Was kinda thinking something like this lately watching the news but really like the way you combined all the images together in your poem!

  4. So true; it’s as if we must lower our expectations (so low, they are below the ground) in order to avoid the unthinkable disappointments and grief that will follow. Well said. Heartspell

  5. so that’s what got BP into all the trouble – the rabbit

    nicely done Charles
    you are so multi-faceted

  6. “I will call you tomorrow and he move out of town” :):) this is so funny Charlie. Alzheimer is my husband’s worse fear…
    I love your poem charlie, I guess what you are trying to say is that you hate politics? LOL….
    I love tea parties though, especially with Alice in wonderland LOLLOL….
    Good one Charlie, good one!
    I am baking a cake for hubby’s birthday tomorrow, better go before I burn it.
    and…by the way, am so sorry I cannot catch up on all your poems lately. I am sure I will do it when things will calm down.
    Your poems are timeless and they never age or get Alzheimer 🙂

  7. I really enjoyed this one. LOVE the tone of the poem. The colloquial description turning Alice in Wonderland into a street-story. Kudos!

  8. I liked reading this one. It had a flow and style to it that got the serious point across without being over zealous. Just a cool and casual reminder that we are ignorant and apathetic and reaping the rewards.

  9. you have definately got the rhythm and it is so true cause expectation ain’t never done me no good no how and the wonderland with attitude puts my ass in a sling, you are da poet with altitude, I love this one


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