sudden deafness…

she could see his face
moving in slow motion
somber and professional
yet very sympathetic
his graying hair
spoke to how many times
he had repeated these words
but with each saying
she was certain that
     he did not lose
     himself in sorrow
     nor reflect upon the sorrow
     that filled his heart
     as he drove home
     each night
     into a crimson horizon
     among the sleep-walkers of life
     and day dreamers of peace
she left those thoughts of him
and began to look for clues of his life
some were evident in the room
     the cane angled against
     the gold-plated flag post
     and the sutures that ran along his left arm
     dodging from sight
     under his neatly pressed uniform
and the way he handled each form
     attending to each line
     as if folding a flag
     and handing it to a loved one
and how he conveyed through gestures
the importance of all the fifty lines
to be filled in by the surviving spouse
     like some vicar speaking of psalm 27
she could not hear him
all she could hear
was the final bugle call
and the death echoing
volley of rifles

25 thoughts on “sudden deafness…

  1. A beautiful elegaic poem; I love the image of handling the form like a folded flag. This is such a tough subject to tackle, but incredibly important; you’ve handled it with your customary skill, sensitivity and eloquence. Congratulations on a fine piece.

  2. I really like this one. I like the rhythm and how the two characters are sympathetic to each other but not connected enough to feel it. It captures the narrowing down to the details of dissociation perfectly.

  3. “among the sleep-walkers of life
    and day dreamers of peace”
    those were my favorite lines. Impeccable details in this poem, befitting the subject’s military demeanor. Great writing

  4. Reminds me so strongly of the closing passages of Heart of Darkness by Conrad… that scene where Marlowe gets to meet Kurtz’s fiancee…
    I guess I’m back. But I only guess… struggling with the goddamn depression again. So sick of it.
    Hope you at least are doing OK :-*

  5. That someone has to have his job OR be the one to sign the papers, is reason enough for this war or any other war, never to happen. What ever happened to peace, love, and understanding?
    Beautifully expressed. Heartspell

  6. The imagery in this piece is amazing. The tone is perfect for the theme so vividly describing a moment that can leave one without words. I leave you with the part that is still most prominent in my mind

    “into a crimson horizon
    among the sleep-walkers of life
    and day dreamers of peace”

  7. there was an exodus of birds from the trees
    ’cause they didn’t know we were only pretending
    and the people all looked up and were pleased
    and the birds flew around, like the whole world was ending

    I’m not sure why, but this one made me think of a lyric from Independence Day by Ani DiFranco.

    A powerful poem, to be sure.

  8. Hi, Thanks for Ur comment on my recent blog, compare to U, my blog is nothing up to Ur level, U vocab with variety and vividly descriptive, impressive, the audio part given me a new idea to blog next time round, thanks again!

  9. You certainly have a way of pulling a reader into your work. Really well done. Stunning imagery ~ impacting write.

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