35 thoughts on “to whom it may concern…

  1. Interesting to see it put that way-bet life&death calculations are made like that more than we realize.

  2. These people can never be rehabilitated. I completely agree that the death penalty is the only solution for this type of evil creature, but first we have to remove these same sick individuals from the benches they sit on in court rooms when they don their black robes. On behalf of many who have suffered in this regard, I thank you for writing this heavy dose of justice reality slpmartin.

  3. You know, it’s strange. Before I read the other comments, I took the ending as meaning that the state would fund the funeral of the child who was raped and maybe badly hurt or killed in the process.

    After reading the comments, I understood the meaning that you’d probably intended to send across. It’s just that I’m so used to rapists getting away with a fine or a very short sentence that I thought you were commenting on that.

  4. It’s an excellent poem that’s actually inline with how I imagine these kind of decisions are made. I’ve been noticing that your poems remind me of the visual interpretation of sound seen in audio recording programs. After hearing you read it, it sounded exactly as it looked to me. Was this a conscience choice, to have these two elements blend together, or was that just coincidence?

    • When I read a poem my primary hope is that I can through my reading …add another dimension to the poem…one which conveys the mood and tone of the poem. As for “the visual interpretation of sound seen in audio recording programs” I’m not sure what you mean…could you give me an example.

  5. I found the tone you used to be solid for the subject matter, the conversational mimic in your words carried very nicely.

    I think it’s rare for poets to manage keeping to a stylized piece and not lose themselves in the language. Nicely done.

  6. It’s amazing what we, as taxpayers, spend on the inhumane nightmares of this world, even though the nightmares never cease. This poem really spells out the incongruities that are never resolved and the feeling of grief (anger?) that comes with this. So, so sad. Heartspell

  7. Definitely an attention grabbing commentary on how fiscal constraints lead to decisions that most would consider unthinkable.

    There is a distinct heartless tone to the piece (I haven’t heard your reading yet. My child is sleeping) that only years of organizational bureaucracy could duplicate.

    Congrats on an excellent piece.

  8. I read this at least 3 times already. Years ago, in a graduate writing seminar, a classmate told me that reading each line of one of my pieces was like a punch LOL I know what my classmate meant…after reading this, a few other of your poems, I felt like someone just kicked me in the eye — at least three times, no less. hahah. Nicely done, powerfully written.

  9. You strike me speechless.. just bring me to the eyes of the children in many places on third world’s countries, especially in mine.

  10. I like in this poem how you capture a deluded system that provides a since of justice only when its within budgetary means. This makes me think of the US Census agent that was a registered sex offender.

  11. Some days my entire political action is reading your poetry. You continue to amaze me with your stamina. I see you all over the web too….reading and commenting. A girl can’t keep up. Great piece. Sue

  12. to desecrate innocence is to call into the wind for death to come and sing his sweat song-just sayin man as a heathen i am unrepentant in my need to see justice pay its savage call-in this case-

    gracefully inclined head your gift is phenomenal and handling well done

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