tag you’re it…

police report
2 am
body found
near highway overpass
struck by mini van
occupied by mother
and two teenage children
returning from sister’s
wedding rehearsal
cans of spray paint
located near site
obvious attempt
to desperately communicate
noise of life
and the fear
these streets
no charges
were made
at scene
warrant for
society’s arrest
was issued

11 thoughts on “tag you’re it…

  1. Your poems are very good at communicating unfairness, fear, hopelessness, anger, hurt, despair. . . in essence, the human predicament. . . the flip side is that we are created in the “image of God”. . .perhaps leading to the above mentioned reflections. . .just a thought.

  2. It is like something we see everyday on the news lately, unfortunately.
    SO sad!
    For both parties.

  3. This reminded me strongly of a Milan Kundera novel I recently read. The female protagonist, a successful businesswoman decides to sit down on the highway and let a car drive her over…. i wonder what world we are living in, and whether it is one of our own making….

  4. Felt a little pang in my gut as I read through this…being a journalist, it reminded me of a lot of the very things I will have to work with one day.

    A tragic piece, but deftly put…that arrest warrant is truly needed.

  5. “warrant for society’s arrest was issued”

    a very succint way to express the general feeling that these issues are unsolvable, that nothing can be done, that the problem is just too much.

    well the Irish had it right: “if everyone swept his own doorstep, the whole world will be clean.”

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