adephagia’s diner…


just a second honey
let me clear this table for you
we just get so busy
right after church
i tell you
those last folks
ordered so much food
you’d think sherman’s army
was joining them for lunch
you can see that
by all the stuff left on this table
i bet they never heard
that old thing ’bout
starving children in china
course now days
it’s starving families
around the corner
well in some cases
on the corner
t h o s e
it’s a good thing
our owner
sends these leftovers to the hog farm
this would be
h o r r i b l e
don’t you think so
now dear
what can i
get for

18 thoughts on “adephagia’s diner…

  1. Some sections of the “world” society is “coping” with the problem of excesses. Some people are insensitive but there are others who understand the issue and are doing whatever possible within their capacity.

    Very well said!!!

  2. I love how you’ve let the narrator touch on a very serious issue in such an offhand manner.

    (A humble suggestion: perhaps use ‘course with the apostrophe as you’ve done with ’bout?)

  3. Somehow lately you remind me more and more of Jonathan Swift. And it’s not only plain old intertextuality at work. There’s a certain intriguing type of sarcasm at work here – however, not a cynically destructive one, but a gentle, loving, even affectionate one – I have no idea whether I am making a point here or not – it’s just that with you even rage and anger are full of love and compassion. And by the by: I love the colored pictures. Please give us some more of those!

  4. I was raised to believe that if I waste food I am going to be punished and hurt starved people in Ethiopia (it was not China for us)
    Now I believe that the food whether it goes in your tummy or in the trash it is the same, except that if it goes in the trash you save yourself from lot of Cholesterol and fats.
    But what I do is not order lot of food or cook lot food in the first place…like I guess what you tried to tell us in your poem Charlie?
    Very nice poem, very nice description of a Sunday lunch after church.

  5. Very true point about excess and really like the way you put it/framed it. The photo goes well with it but even without, it would be a very visual poem! It makes me think of all-you-can-eat buffets. Your poem explains so well why I hate to go to them. So much food wasted – how can I not think about starving children in other countries when I see that. I don’t comment everyday but I read everyday and your poems challenge me to think.

  6. Damn, you do love to poke the right people in the eye with your words. You do situational poetry expertly and as that is also my natural bent, I enjoy coming here to read.

  7. I don’t know what to say. This is so so…I am lost for words.

    When we were growing up, my mother would always say if we left our food unfinished and wasted it, food would leave us one day. We would eat every last grain. It was a good lesson she taught me and my siblings. Wasted food makes me think of hungry people all around the world.

    Here is a video I saw on youtube. This is very much same as your poem. Everyone should watch this video. It is bittersweet.

    • Thank you for sharing your comments and video with those who visit my site. I hope that are words together can bring about some change. Again many thanks!

  8. Love this. My mama used to say that to us children when we wouldn’t eat, and I’d say it to mine. Then we got involved in feeding the hungry through our church. And we all learned the valuable lesson that people right around the corner from us really were going hungry unless we helped.

  9. Lovely synergy of arrogant attitude of a single person and a universal view of the world. How all problems long forgottten or never experienced become immediate and in this way frightening. I like the way the personna’s image builds up, from the offhand to the subservient; this poem seems to be displaying a whole new world for a whole new generation in the West, which gradually gets familiar with phenomena never known before.

  10. I have been enjoying my own cooking and keeping visits out to really special events. 🙂 So far, it seems like a lot of people just do not have the same interest. 🙂

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