wake up dead….

through a partially opened window
it enters in the night
like a vapor
with its fingers of doubt
touching each fiber of our being
as we lie there curled
our hearts pounding
veins in our neck pulsating
almost exploding
feeling smothered
by our own breath
then the tingling sets in
as our hands
defy our command
to reach out
trembling and shaking
one hand extends
to the other side of the bed
to find them
but to not find them there
would be to
wake up

24 thoughts on “wake up dead….

  1. Ok I’m coming to visit and read about ‘dead”
    we are both on a roll – lol

    As always -It is well written and quite descriptive

  2. I guess now you understand how it feels like for me to wake up every morning.
    I love the picture. It’s my absolute favorite of all you posted so far. Now I’m off, cause I’m at the office and can’t afford crying.

  3. I have just a few moments left in me tonight. This poem woke me right up though.

    ‘My insides, still pulsing a familiar rhythm/only half/of what it had been moments before.’

    The combination of sensuality and sensitivity in this poem is quite alluring. Please wake up living tomorrow and bring us more great poems. Sue

  4. This creation of yours opened up layer by layer after few successive readings!
    The paralyzing effect of fear enhances many folds when it involves our loved ones.

    • Thank you very much Val…my best nightmares came after reading Poe or hearing a performance of his work..like the Tell Tale Heart…still creeps me out. 😉

  5. Wake up dead, this is hilarious:):)
    Wake up….but dead… LOL LOL
    How can you wake up if you are dead?
    Good poem Charlie!

  6. I saw drugs or alcohol on the bedside table and to wake up and not find them there would be “to wake up dead”.

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