transparency international
would like to
have been selected
at random
from thousands
to receive
an all expense paid vacation
to one of their
top ten countries
this trip will afford
you an opportunity
to live life as a local
experience the reasons
for all those heart warming stories
that you have only heard about
on the evening news
for example
watch a new-born infant
vainly fight for survival
wade through governmental muck
attempting to bribe a government official
to regain your passport
experience the thrill of the hunt
by being the hunted
run wild to foreign borders
be rejected
imprisoned in tent camps
this is just a sample of what awaits you
and although previous winners
have requested a travel brochure
i must sadly admit we have none
i have enclosed
several photographs
with comments on each
photo number one
a lovely camp in sudan
where you’ll  while away the hours
talking to natives from darfur
please ignore the small fire being set
in the foreground
photo number two
transportation system is displayed
these are somalian toll boats
please bring the correct change
since the captain only carries large bills
this is not some one time offer
like those silly tv commercials
this a stable world condition
so you need not rush to your phone
to respond
take your time
most people

22 thoughts on “congratulations….

  1. I absolutely adored the sales-pitched tone of voice mixed with sarcasm. But the incongruity shouts to the reader as they assess the meaning behind the words. Very powerful! Such a clever presentation. I loved it! Thanks for sharing. Heartspell

  2. slpmartin, the finest compliment I can give you on this piece, is that my laughter was bitter. The vitriol tinged sarcasm you used to relay your message was the box upside the head too many people need. Superb!

  3. I love this post Charlie,
    I invite you to visit me in Sudan and we can go visit Darfur together:) don’t forget your shots (vaccines)…

  4. I am intrigued by your brochure and I would like to subscribe to your magazine.

    The stark difference between content and delivery are magnificent. I also really enjoyed the dichotomy of urgency and complacency in the last few lines.

    This is brilliant, sad, and true. Thanks for posting, Sue

  5. Wow – they just keep getting better. I have always loved your putting a real face on the issues. There isn’t a rug big enough to sweep this stuff under

  6. “Congratulations” on an impressive, eye-opening piece. While it’s a tough call, perhaps my favorite poems of yours have that conversational tone that you write so well. Great reading too. Outstanding work. cheers

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