after careful consideration…


i have thrown
the dreams of yesterday
into the bin
cleared out most of today
which seemed moldy when it arrived
so as to make room
for tomorrow
why such vapors require
so much room
is difficult for me to understand
as part of my new agenda
to reduce
the stuff
in my life
filled with
painful images
career path halted
loving children
numerous friends
whose names
i can’t recall
along with
fancy cars
that i
never owned
madison avenue inspired
and so on
really doesn’t
matter now

27 thoughts on “after careful consideration…

  1. It’s always depressing going through old stuff; time to get out of that box and walk in the sun or take lots of vitamin D.
    Like 5,000 I.U’s every day. And forget the burial plot – we’ve lost enough good poets this week.

  2. If I had only known that Jimmy boy owned so many fancy cars in life I would have drastically reconsidered my marriage/romance options. Oh well. I guess it’s all in vain now. Maybe I should still go place a plastic daffodil on his grave, just for what might have been. Be right back.

  3. Most “stuff” is meaningless; it’s usually the intangibles traded for it that matter most throughout life. Like the way the poem mirrors the theme by sorting through to the very essential toward the end. Excellent. Awesome photo as well.

  4. why such vapors require
    so much room
    is difficult for me to understand – love that line. In the big scheme of life, material things are meaningless. Strong images in this.

  5. Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

    This poem is just what I needed for today. Perfect opening to my morning. It wasn’t necessarily inspiring but….mmm…encouraging. To get through the day. I needed it.

    Love the structure. Love the picture.

    Thank you.

  6. That last line was a doozy! I was half way motivated by the poem and then you put the inspiration into a coffin. What a turn around!

  7. I look at old stuff with a smile on my face because each item holds a story and a memory…good or bad. I am happy that I had the chance to live them. I will take on life with a smile….good or bad. 🙂 Have fun relaxing. You are a brilliant writer. 🙂

  8. when it comes right down to it it’s only the people who live on.
    thanks for this reflection that causes others to ponder where they are.

    Happy Thursday to a treasured friend

  9. Every life is narrowed down to death despite loving people or wealth we have. I agree with dustus -excellent and awesome picture. Reminds me of some tombs I visited beginning of April. Amongst the grandeur and elaborate craftsmanship, there was an air of mourning. It is bittersweet.

  10. “so as to make room
    for tomorrow”

    considering the scope of this poem, this line hit me really hard. When you die, I suppose this is what is happening.

  11. Very nice Charlie,
    Now that Jim and I are moving again (for the 4th time in 6 years) I am reducing my stuff to the minimum…
    Why do we need so many things to remind us of our life? aren’t our memories enough?

    To go back to your poem, the picture is a cemetery?
    Nice place for the remains to spend the rest of their time on earth…LOL

  12. Thank you for taking time and reading my blog.

    Reading your poems lets me imagine a lot of things.

    It’s like being in a dream. So relaxing.

    You have the nicest photographs too.

  13. I feel this poem talks about the undertaker.

    I see the vapor as the soul of the dead soaring up high, it has enough room, a large expanse that is the sky and beyond, the only thing in that coffin is a physical body, whose time’s been up.

    Such a clever poem with so much depth and imagery.

  14. I think “a burial plot” slams the door on this poem and its levity a little hard, but nevertheless I enjoy its voice and jaunty discarding of tangibles.

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