i’m cold…


the air in here is thick
with the memories of a thousand souls
death covers the floor and walls
small cracks here and there
have the smell of blood
recalling the tortured human beast
that waged war here
and is waging war
near to here
in an arena
without walls
for the entertainment
of new generals
and rulers

24 thoughts on “i’m cold…

  1. Nice flow there. I love the photo, it delivers a keen representation of your piece.

    Death covering walls… I like that image because I think of shadows and of course that can be a representation of death… thoughts, thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are actually two separate poems.
    The first part could easily be the description of anything or anyone flooded by grief. I take it as a description of the grieving soul.
    Then the second part comes in and becomes political and focused.
    May I presume to ask what sign you are? 😉 I’m really curious. I’m a Gemini, by the way – in case anyone was still wondering :-)))).

  3. It reminds me heavily of a poem I wrote which looked at war and violence, and how it ultimately leads to no benefit.

    I love how parallel are drawn between the picture alluding to ancient times and pull it into context with modern warfare. The idea of people commanding armies to battle is almost akin to entertainment in the past of the gladiator battles.

    Excellent. I definitely enjoyed this piece!

  4. The blood thirsty nature of man has not changed has it???

    Amazing post Charles

    Happy Tuesday my friend

  5. Powerful imagery. I liked how the poem conveyed some major points about serious issues with very little words… Always a sign of a good writer 🙂

  6. the title is perfect – chillingly small amidst the huge emptiness of unspeakable memories

    the poem, sharp with accusation yet frightening with realization that we haven’t really changed

    the photo – bare bones of human built destruction in black and shades of grey, beneath a forgiving and hope-filled sky.

    Wonderful stuff – just wonderful

  7. “of

    beautiful ending. passionate, poignant.
    but this empire of greed is where we take our first steps and will take our last. no changing it. we are all part of all that, of injustice and lies.
    still, so it everything else. human beings were merely made that way.

    an insightful poem, thank you (:

  8. Thank you for finding a commenting on my site as it has lead me to yours which I am finding most wonderful. Your writing transports not only my minds eye, but emotions too.

  9. It is amazing how you capture heaviness so quickly and to the point in this poem. I really enjoyed reading this and my mind is still lingering on your words.

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