brickmaker of tozeur….

at her parent’s home
she waits
while he tends to the fire
that forms the
all made of
and saved
as a dowry
for  his love
who like him
is made
from the same clay

20 thoughts on “brickmaker of tozeur….

  1. that’s beutiful. only now i realise the different forms and shapes love can take. i guess tis not so late, as they do say, better late than never.

    an exquisite poem.

    “for his love
    who like him
    is made
    from the same clay”

    wow! (:

  2. I really like this poem… gives a deep image of making so many things out of clay — and then adds that he and she are also made of clay. a really thoughtful poem.

  3. A beautiful image, simple and touching. Tending the fire of love in such a practical way, and how the fire fixes the shape of clay. Leaves me with much to think on.

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