busniess deal in tunis….


please sit
share with me
mint tea
as we review
this document
i have carefully created
an inventory for your examination
see here
this section contains
desired objects of this world
and other coins of the realm
here i have listed your loves
first-born son
and others in your family
here i have itemized
things only known to you
your passions
and fears
each is clearly marked
and labelled according to their worth
sign here
so that this rental agreement
may be honored
during your brief stay
this earth

27 thoughts on “busniess deal in tunis….

  1. Wa-alaykum as-salam! 😉

    May Allah bring peace be upon you, your family and your home.
    And as to the document: do you presume we could slightly alter certain points in it? Like for instance the falling in love part? Could we replace that we jewelery shopping in the medina?

    Choukran, sidi. I shall be on my way now.

    Fi amanillah.

  2. WOW.. this is REALLY GOOD.
    I truly enjoyed it.
    What a great poem.

    My dear Charles,

    We started a new story this week, help us finish it? I am TAGGING YOU.. please go to Wordy Wednesday @Tara Miller Writes to write the next 1-3 lines to a story yet told! Once you have done that, please TAG others too. Happy Thursday. hugs shakira

  3. Rental agreement?. . . hmmm. . .perhaps a good landlord. . reminds me of a Bible story where the landlord rented out a vineyard and later when he sent his servants to check on it they beat up the servants. He then sent his son and the renters killed the son. What should the owner do? Oh well, I digress. Hopefully your renter is a kind man.

  4. WAW Charlie! I can see how involved you were in their culture!!! you have a very accurate description of the custom…I am not going to say more…
    Well, this is how I interpreted your poem; my way:)

    I went to Morocco not Tunisia, but they also have the delicious mint tea there, (little bit too sweet though)
    Have you noticed that in the hot countries citizens wear long sleeves and clothes that covers them completely, and they drink hot beverages?

    One more thing: did you know that what is written in Arabic on the door is: Sherif’s office, the west palace.
    Beautiful poem and beautiful picture!!!
    I Love your post today!!!excellent job!
    Take care my friend

  5. I’m half Lebanese, my father wanted two cows for me. I remember it well. Thank god he was joking, I don’t think rural north wales “got” his joke. His daughter certainly didn’t!! Lol great work again Charles 🙂

  6. just dropping by to say i love this poem. the wit and new words picked up from your wanderlust are amazingly rich with cultural images. great read in a flash fictionesque style.

  7. Best I’ve read in a long time!
    Your poetic rhythm and the way you combine suck symbolic images with them takes it to another level.
    Love this one because it is all that and documentary, at the same time.
    Thanks for charing it with us!

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