not that there’s a problem…

twenty years ago
the land that we’re standing on
wasn’t a desert
but i don’t bring this up
for any particular reason
not that there’s a problem
and once the desert fox
roamed freely these sand dunes
eating locust and rodents
that could decimate a family’s farm and health
but its fur is just too hard to resist
soft and cuddly as a new born child
so now they say it’s endangered
but don’t get me wrong
i’m not one of those
tree huggers or anything
i was just wondering about it
not that there’s a problem
and for some unknown reason
i was thinking about how one
could build a new hotel on the edge of the sahara
where each room uses enough water
for a family’s small garden
but heaven knows
i don’t want anything to change
my personal comfort
should come first
just a random thought or two
from an old man
who’s got nothing else to do
not that there’s a problem
more than likely it’s just some
hyped-up media story
printed on recycled paper

10 thoughts on “not that there’s a problem…

  1. I am planning a one week trip to Egypt towards the end of the month… and all I care about is the nice hotel, where I can get belly dance apparel, and lying carelessly in the sun. I felt a bit guilty after reading this…

  2. there’s that edge that I have grown to know and love.
    that killer edge.
    right there on the fine line ,no problem for you to walk the tight rope.


  3. Hi CHarlie,
    your poem has so many meaning and can go any way the reader want. My problem is I couldn’t really understand (once more, the old narrow minded me:) where did you want to go with it?
    Sometimes I thing you are too nice and you don’t want to point finger?

  4. Our world doesn’t have a voice
    not that there is a problem…

    Charles- I always appreciate your depth

  5. You have a great blog… recently discovered it, so glad I did. I have linked to you so that I can follow along. I read this poem then realized you have the voice recording, I listened to you read, to your voice speaking the great words of this moving poem. Thank you!

  6. I love how you do a reading of your poem.

    Favorite lines:
    “i’m not one of those
    tree huggers or anything
    i was just wondering about it”

    Just a matter of asking the right questions while not really asking. Great poem!


  7. Lovely work, as usual. You possess a depth I find very endearing–it’s got edge to it. There are definite reasons I’ve linked to your site from mine–if you’re always creating wonderful work like this! Keep up the good work.

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