if the morning does not speak to you…

often as i wonder these trails
     i come upon a crouched man
     moaning that morning has not spoken
     saying his question was of life’s purpose
     wondering if i have heard an answer
but my sole reply is
     have you listened

11 thoughts on “if the morning does not speak to you…

  1. Does that mean you are home. I hope all is well
    and as always your poetry evokes my ponder mechanism

    Moon smiles

  2. all the question for the taking and people seek answers without questioning them…when they do, they forget to listen, and when they do listen, they do not hear, for their ears are clogged with ignorance…

    good piece…

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your birthday wish!
    I really like this piece and ESPECIALLY your reading…
    How do you get the recorder, Charles?
    Have you a great day now.

    • Shakira…hope you have a great birthday…..the recording software I use is part of the Roxio software package that I use for video editing. I convert the files to MP3 for use on the blog. Cheers!

  4. This poem is like the end of a quiet chamber choir piece. Thank you for this moment, and the kind words about my poem as well.

    Would it be all right if I added your blog to my list of United Submersible Consortium (good poetry blogs)?


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