seeing off a child…

can you hear her voice now
as she whispers her thoughts
on this still night
breathing softly into the wind
words only a poet can hear
words written so long ago
that even the night has forgotten
its rhyme
lost somewhere in time
as the moon caresses the earth
with its frosty touch
as if placing a child in bed
a bed that shall hold her forever
without pain or fear
nor shall there be dreams
no moon shining brightly
just a lowered head
into the abyss

Poem inspired by

20 thoughts on “seeing off a child…

  1. Hi Martin. I read this a couple times before clicking on the link. Before doing so, I thought what an excellent poem! Then when I discovered the context, was horrified by the news.

  2. As Nietzsche put it: do not glare to closely at the abyss, or it will glare back at you…

    Wonderful poem, Charles!

  3. You’ve done the poem justice – this poem had to be written, and you’ve selected a beautiful title. The situation is just SAD.

  4. “can you hear her voice now
    as she whispers her thoughts
    on this still night
    breathing softly into the wind…”

    very nice opening!

  5. Haunting, and very moving – I made sure to follow the link to understand the poem better. It’s so terrible that we live in a world where these horrible things can happen to children – and by the hands of their own parents!. It’s sickening, and very very sad.

  6. For a variety of reasons, this tears me apart inside. You’ve honoured that child with your poem. You’ve made her suffering matter…

  7. Devastating act. As valbrussell says above, you honor the little girl, and by weaving her into Li Bai’s poem –


    Li Bai –
    Thoughts on a Still Night

    Before my bed, the moon is shining bright,
    I think that it is frost upon the ground.
    I raise my head and look at the bright moon,
    I lower my head and think of home.

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